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The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby
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Jul 21, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby

Matthew J. Kirby’s first ever and amazing book brings you into a time turning story. Almost historical fiction, this book has no real time or place, and with a mix of fantasy it creates a style of its own.

Three children’s lives become intertwined as each deals with their own problems, only to find their newfound friends have the answers. Each helping the other, they all work to overcome the struggles that seem to build to greater heights by the moment. From the dream of becoming a master clockmaker and stealing a magical clockwork man’s head, escaping a cruel master, and healing a family, it all packs together into one suspenseful and magical story.

Hannah, the oldest daughter in a poor family, works hard to bring in what little she can to keep her family off the streets and help her bedridden father. When a strange lady takes her on as a personal maid she has a chance at happiness and discovers the rumors of a long lost treasure, a treasure that could save her family.

Fredrick is an apprentice clockmaker living under the wing of a kind, father-like master. His one dream is to make it to journeyman and be independent. His only problem is that the clockwork man he makes in secret is missing a vital part he can’t put together, a head. When he finds the Magnus head, a magical creation long lost, is he prepared to face the truth of magic, and control the head when it comes to life?

Giuseppe is an orphaned street musician living under a heartless, cruel master, his only dream is to go home to his siblings in Italy, but he knows that is nothing more than dream… until the day he finds the green violin that changes his fate forever.

The Clockwork Three was an amazing book. The author pulled you in with strong characters and a wild plot. Throughout the book you find yourself caring for the protagonists and despising the antagonists. The way the author makes you feel for the characters is remarkable, for example I really felt for and admired Giuseppe for risking his life just for the chance of going home. The protagonists all have their own personalities that make them appear stubborn, strong, and clever. To support her family Hannah fights through the grief of not being able to go to school and works at a hotel making a small salary. Fredrick won’t rely on anyone and thinks he doesn’t need anyone, and though annoying this characteristic makes him a strong character. Giuseppe, though small, fights to survive through wits unlike the murderous master and kids around him. Overall I really liked this book and can’t name anyone I think would not find themselves drawn to the pages of The Clockwork Three.

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