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Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward
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Jul 21, 2012

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Read in July, 2012

This was a very quick read and was just an "ok" book for me.

In the midst of Lauren's story, the author changes to a new set of characters (Victoria and Sylvia) and I was not happy. If the author wanted to run the dual storyline which does come together at the end, I would have appreciated shorter chapters. Just my personal choice.

The big "secret" is a believable scenario, but the Amanda Eyre Ward failed to really engage me in the authenticity of it all.

I was very irritated with the therapy sessions. The therapist wasn't a very good one and the author really "milked" these until I just got tired of Lauren going into her panic attack and the reader getting no further information from her.

I don't see the connection of the story to the title of the book.

I am interested in reading another book of Wards, perhaps How To Be Lost. I want to give her another chance to win me over.


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Tara The description of books by this author are intriguing but I also found this one to be so-so. I read another of hers and it was okay but definitely fell short of my expectations. Have you read anything by Heather Gudenkauf or T. Greenwood? Our taste in books is so similar and I personally love both of these authors. Highly recommend!

Roxanne Thanks so much for the recommendations Tara. It is really interesting because I have a stack of approximatley 20 books from the library in front of me and included in that stack is Two Rivers (T. Greenwood) and One Breath Away (Heather Gudenkauf). And, I cannot remember for sure, but I think I noticed that you and I have similar tastes and I might have put these on my "to read" list because of your reviews!

I am currently reading Heartbroken by Lisa Unger. So far I'd say it's a 4. When I finish I'm on to One Breath Away.

Thanks again!

Tara I read Grace by T. Greenwood a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so much I had no desire to pick up another book out of fear it would be a disappointment! Each character in the book could've carried the story on their own but the author did such a wonderful job tying them all together. When I miss the characters after I finish reading a book I know it was good!

I rarely buy books that I can get from the library but I was on a lengthy hold list at the library for One Breath Away so I ordered it and can't wait for it to get here! I've only read Fragile by Lisa Unger and it was okay. I've looked at a few others of hers so I might have to pick one up!

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