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Jul 31, 2012

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I gave the book 3 stars because one major element - to me - was never addressed: Why? Why did the angel rebel and how? Why did his action, ehatever it was, cause the demons to appear? I also found the human characters either clinched (the gung-ho, shoot first ask questions later cop), trite (15 year old girl who is the crux - supposedly - of the story given visions so she can lecture a fallen angel), or just, well, uninteresting. The best chapters are the ones in Heaven, and I wished the author had started the book with the angel's plight and why it brought such devestation on a small town. I agreed with everything the angel said to the humans (geez, but they were a thick-headed, annoying lot)... and I don't think I was supposed to... The 'family redemption' was quickly glossed over and came out of the blue as more or less as a tag line at the end.

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07/21/2012 page 48
14.0% "Chapters are 2-3 pages long; there are 96 chapters.

I started this first, then THE APOCALYPSE OF ENOCH; finished ENOCH first, although I'm not a zombie fan.

I don't know if it's the writing style or lack of interesting characters that's causing this lack of interest from me. I think that, as I'm expecting an angel themed book, the first 48 pages are more humans than angels... and not very likable humans."
07/30/2012 page 93
28.0% "Update put in comments section by mistake"
07/31/2012 page 146
44.0% "Overwrought, that's what it is; I'm not accustomed to all the superlative descriptions - and that's just me, and not necessarily a criticism of the author. To me, that type of literary over emoting is soap operish. But again, that's simply a personal preference against soap operas and to be taken with a grain of salt. The angel is explained a bit more. Was wondering about his seeming ineffectiveness."

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Christopher Kokoski I appreciate your feedback even if it is sometimes painful to hear. I hope you are able to finish the story and find something you like. I think I can really learn from your comments and, hopefully, improve my next book!

Christopher Kokoski

Melinda Reynolds On page93; Chap 32 -- getting used to theshort chapter length.

One prob with the characters is the 15 year old with a 20-something guy; can't really respect or like any of the parties involved with that (esp. the parents). Dad won't kill murderous boy friend 'cause idiot daughter might get mad at him ... gad

Angel finally shows up and sorta does something. But not really. Seems very apathic for his job description. A lot happening, but not explained; there seems to be some character elements missing, as I'm still not feeling much for the characters - it's like their heart's not in or something; there's a lot of angst and emotional stuff described, but there's still something a bit off. Not sure what it is -- maybe despite the repeated scenes of occurring and impending disaster, I'm not buying into it.

I was hoping the angel would be more aggressive and involved, and maybe he will further on in the book.

Christopher Kokoski Definitely gives me something to think about for the future. I look forward to reading more of your comments.

Melinda Reynolds I hope you don't think I'm being harsh or overly critical; the printed word can be very cold sometimes.

I really like angel-themed books, and it's very difficult for me to find such books with the emphasis on the angel(s) instead of the human(s).

Angels are fascinating and fantastic creatures who are not human; I think that's a challenge for any writer and I have to respect an author willing to tackle such a nebulous subject.

Melinda Reynolds I don't know if you can make corrections or not, but if you can I've found an important error that needs correcting: Page 106, paragraph 6 - Morris Code should be Morse Code

Christopher Kokoski Melinda, thank you again for your candid review. While I was surprised to hear that the angel's fall wasn't clear and the family redemption not well set up, your thoughts do give me something to think about. Of course I wish everyone would have loved it, but I'm certain that's hard to come by for any book!



Melinda Reynolds The Fall was clear, but why and what did he do? Had to be fairly recent, as the attack on the town is present-day. Not sure why the town would be a target; where are the other angels? Can't aid the Fallen angel, but should defend the town. To me, Lucy and Landon seemed unsuited for each other; Lucy was the most annoying character. Wasn't very likable, as she goes off with George for no discernable reason, then throws him over for Landon, whom she continuously snipes at.

Christopher Kokoski All good questions. I'd hate to put any spoilers here for anyone else, and perhaps there are some ways to improve clarity in the novel. I'm certainly taking your comments to heart and giving them some serious consideration.

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