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Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama
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Nov 20, 08

did not like it
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Have you ever read a book that just made you flat out mad? Well the book “ Dreams of my Father ” by Barack Obama is one those books. This book lacks common sense that ever book should have. It pays so much attention to characters that do not deserve the time of day. Barack makes his life sound unbearable when in reality his life is really easy.

First, I feel that Obama is making too much fuss over whether he is white or black. As an interracial child that I am, I feel that all you should know what you are by looking at who sits at your dinner table.Instead of doing this Obama went on a trip around the world to find out who his was, which made everything complicated.He always made it is a life project when it was so easy to figure out.

Second, Barack gave his father way to much credit in the book. His father left him to go to Africa while his mother raise him, but he made it seem that his father was the one that did all the hard work.He only saw his father maybe twice in the whole book, then had the nerve to act like his father raised him.He never once in the book recognize that his father left and that was that, instead he went to Africa on some life changing journey.

Finally, was that he made his life sound so hard, when in reality it was not the hard nock life the he made it out to be. Barack went to a private school to get the best education when other kids went to public. Barack got to go to college to become what he wanted to become, when other students never got that chance.He had a loving family the worship him more than anything else in the world.

All together this book was just a big mess. In the end it was a waste of my time reading because of three things. By Obama taking too much time on thing that weren’t important made this book one of the worst books I read. Please take caution before reading this book, so you don’t waste your time reading it.
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DavidO You know, I liked this book, but all the points you make are quite excellent. I can see why you would not rate this book highly.

message 2: by Chrissy (new) - added it

Chrissy You little! How dare you make it seem like Obama's life is so easy!?!?! I mean honestly! He is our president! Yeah, real easy being president! He had to grow up in a time where he wasn't always excepted! His point about his race was that he was unsure of who he was. He needed to find himself, figure out who he was, and his purpose. maybe white people didnt except him because he was black, and maybe black people didnt except him because he was white. It may have been very hard growing up with his mixed race. You have a lot of nerve!

DavidO You did notice that Kaylam is of mixed race before posting your comments, right? Might reflect badly on your otherwise.

message 4: by Chrissy (new) - added it

Chrissy I do know that, but that doesn't matter. It may not effect her feelings as it did Obama's. He grew up in a harder time than she is.

message 5: by Dorothy (last edited Jul 19, 2009 08:48PM) (new)

Dorothy Every person has to find his/her own way in this world, be aware of his/her unique journey and purpose in the world. Obama has done a magnificent job of searching out his individual identity and then making the most of it all the days of his life. He found acceptance partly through his confidence in his identity.

Heidi Vanderbusch Kaylam, I am wondering if there were certain parts of the book that you skimmed through rather than reading the entire thing? I think your arguments were well thought out, except that you say Obama never acknowledges the fact that his father left him for most of his life. In fact, Obama does acknowledge this many times throughout the book. Essentially, it is one of the main reasons he decides to go to Africa (what is seen by many as the most important part of the book)...so it is obvious that Obama does in fact recognize that his father left him. His relationships with his sister, brothers, grandmother, etc. he all sees as relationships he must begin forming now, since his father was absent to help form them in the first place. I also definitely do not believe that Obama acts like his father raised him. You say that he gives his father "way too much credit", yet I'm sure if you would go back and read through parts of the novel, you would see that in conversations with some of his African family members, his father is occasionally viewed in a slightly negative way. Also, I think you need to remember that this is a non-fiction book. Obama is an actual person writing about actual feelings...and everybody feels, reacts, and thinks differently. Although you yourself may not have had a hard time dealing with your interraciality, Obama is a completely different person who grew up in a different time, space, and life...maybe he needed a complicated journey to come to terms with who he is?

message 7: by Noelle (new)

Noelle And how do you know his life is 'easy'?

message 8: by Jeffery (new)

Jeffery Surratt I grew up in Los Angeles, poor white kid, just public school, no college. I was not always excepted by my peers. Teased, bullied, and had very few friends. Obama is a product of the privileged class in America. He got breaks most kids just dream about. We should not feel sorry for him-just sorry for the country since he has been in the White House.

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