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Witch Way to Turn by Karen Y. Bynum
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Aug 27, 12

really liked it
Read from August 16 to 24, 2012

I will start by saying that this book is for the MATURE YA crowd. I wouldn't recommend it for any teen under 16 due to the violence, profanity, and semi-sexual situations. There is a disclaimer in the blurb, but I thought to reaffirm that by stating it in my review as well.

Witch Way to Turn has a lot going on. Witches, werewolves, vampires, soul-sucking preternaturals, and a convoluted plot filled with intrigue and mystery. It all starts when Breena's hands start shooting blue sparks. Trying to save her foster sister from foster mother's abusive boyfriend, Breena discovers a power she never realized and unlocks a Pandora's Box containing a supernatural world that she has been oblivious to up until now. The short of it is that someone is out to kill Breena because of what she is: half witch, half preternatural (vamps who tried to regain their humanity but became something else). The question is, who's behind the assassination, the Witches Council or the queen of the Preternaturals? Throughout the book Breena fights for her life while also fighting to make a life for her foster sister in hopes of taking custody of young Jenny to rescue her from a life of abuse in Foster care. In the midst of all this is a young girl (only 18) who just wants to live her life. Not possible when she's discovered that she's a witch and that there are people (er, not people) out there trying to kill her and/or use her because of her ancient power. And let's not even go there with the two men vying for her attention.

Okay, I'm going there.

The men....oh, the men! For me, they made this book what it was. When Breena got on my nerves (which happened often, more on that later) I could always fall back on Orin and Myles. Orin is the assassin sent to kill Breena. He doesn't know why he would receive an order to kill her, but it's his job and he does what he has to do. When he sees her being attacked by weres, though, he goes into hero mode and realizes that he just can't kill her. For Orin it's pretty much love at first sight and he finds himself disobeying orders in an effort to win over the woman he thinks of as his soul mate and trying to protect her from others who are out for her blood. Tall, blonde, beautiful and charming, Orin is pretty damn magnetic and I really did like him despite the fact that Breena and I were both torn between him and her vampire co-worker Myles. Oh, Myles....despite Orin's beauty and charm, Myles is truly my hero in this book. Breena doesn't know until later that he's been sent to protect her, but I sensed this from the start. Everything about him screamed protector, and nothing is sexier than a protective hero who wants something he can't have. Bound to the Witches' Council, Myles has sworn to protect Breena and cannot fall for her, but it's too late. He falls for her. Hard. I love the moments when we get to dive into Myles' mind and live in his torture. Those moments, where he fights against what he wants are almost as delicious as the moments when he loses himself and takes it.

Who does Breena choose in the end? You think I'm going to tell you? Read the book! :)

Now for the things I didn't like so much. There are a few, my reasons for giving this book 4 instead of 5 stars. They are few and far between and only interrupted my enjoyment of this story in a few parts.

Honestly, Breena got on my nerves sometimes. I mean, your foster sister is being abused and you are being targeted by killers, but you can't stop going on and on in your head how beautiful Orin is. I mean, really, she didn't know he was out to kill her at first, but he was suspicious from the start. Every time questions arose in Breena's mind, she chose not to ask them and went back to mooning over whichever boy was in her company. It would go something like this: What did he mean when he was on the phone telling his boss: 'Yes, she's dead'? Who is she? Why is she dead? Why do Orin's ears stick out like a freaky elf-creature? Oh, but then he's looking at with his gold-rimmed eyes and he's smiling and touching me and my libido is telling me I need to get laid. God, Orin is sexy. What was I saying again?
Yeah, this happens a lot, which actually drags out the story. You are more than halfway through the book before you even know the whole scope of what's happening. A little mystery is good, but after awhile I got annoyed because I was still confused by only having been given a few chunks of information here and there. Breena, however, is happy to just go along with everything. "Breena, Jenny's in trouble we have to go save her." "Okay, Myles lets' go." "Breena the president of the Witches Council has sent for you and we have to fly to Texas." "Okay Myles. I don't even know what the hell the Witches Council does or what they want from me, but I'll go." These moments I wished Breena would put her foot down and end all the secrecy. Both men were pretty tight-lipped but she just didn't try hard enough to get the info, which you'd think she'd want once her hands start shooting blue sparks and she starts craving souls.

Once the story hits its stride, though, it really gets going and all of my frustration melted away. Once everything had been revealed (who Breena was, how she became what she was, the roles Myles, Jenny, and Orin play in the whole thing) it was a much easier read and I raced through the end to the finish, gripped by the drama. I think this is a good foundation for the next book, which I would gladly read. I don't think Breena reached her full potential in this book, so I am hoping that it will happen in the next book. She had some real kick-ass moments, and I'd love to see more of those. All in all, a good, engaging read.

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