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Something Blue by Emily Giffin
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Jul 28, 2007

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Recommended for: anyone who read something borrowed
Read in July, 2007

Okay, so I hated that this book focused on Darcy and not Rachel. I left Something Borrowed really hating that character. 254 pages in, and I still thought she sucked. The plot was fairly predictable--you knew she was seeking redemption in the novel as well as with the reader, and the ending was equally predictable.

I loved the focus on Ethan as he was one of my favorite characters from Something Borrowed.

I was completely resistant to the movement as I knew where this was going, and I simply did not want it to go there. Griffin achieves her goal by making the reader, resistantly, start to at least like Darcy a little more. And, I will willfully admit, I was tearing up during the Epilogue.

I'd still like to see a novel that returned the focus to Rachel, but I know why the author went the route she did. It was simply too easy. By making Darcy the very hated but ultimate hero of the second book...Griffin takes a resistant reader and makes her unwilling to put the book down.

I finished these two novels in 1.5 days...again, worth a good day at the beach/pool/on the couch.
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message 1: by Em J (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Em J It does focus on Darcy, and I agree- her character is completely annoying, especially at the end of something borrowed and I was happy that Rachel got the guy...which is why I did not buy this book - I took it out of the library. I want to finish it- but you are correct- its all about Darcy right now. I am not done yet though and I am hoping that it gets better!!

message 2: by Patty (last edited Jul 16, 2009 03:14PM) (new)

Patty Something Blue is supposed to be about Darcy. It is like the Midnight Sun from the Twilight series. Something Borrowed was about Rachel, and Something Blue is about Darcy. It is a way for the author to convey Darcy's point of view and if/why she thinks herself annoying, manipulative, etc. Please, do remember that I have not finished the book at this point, either, and therefore cannot comment on the outcome of this.

Kathie I feel the same way as you do. Although I loved Something Borrowed I was not a huge fan of Something Blue. I understand that they author was trying to portray Darcy's view but I just do not like her character. The author did close the book out well with Ethan. Bring Ethan's character in more depth really put a bit of spotlight off Darcy which was good for people like me who did not take a liking to her character so much.

Brooke I did not like Darey either but how can you not like the transformation she made. It is as though she knew she had been wrong and fixed it

message 5: by Shiro82 (new)

Shiro82 agree,the books is so predictable...

Jill Your review was spot on with my thought.

Tracyy Ly of course it has to focus on Darcy because it's about her point of view, i you dislike Darcy then you shouldnt have even read it in the first place.

Lexi The authors name is Giffin.

Danie I loved this book, I was very reluctant to read it at first because I thought Darcy was a terrible person, and deserved the fate that she was dealt in something Borrowed. I ended loving this book, it's true that love and friendship can change us to become a better person, and more selfless person. I definitely balled my eyes out at the epilogue because it was such a beautiful ending. Emily Giffin is a wonderful author, Heart of mater was such a good book as well, her stories always seem to touch us, and jerk so many emotions from her readers. I can't wait to read all all the rest of her books:)

Nicky I was just like you. As soon as I saw where things were headed w/ Ethan I was like "No!!!!!!" But I was able to accept the end even if I didn't totally love it.

Samantha Fleming I agree, Darcy still sucked in the end

Megan I couldn't read it right after something borrowed. I took a break and read it about 6 months after the first one. Have you read any of her other books? She does revisit the characters in different books, just doesn't focus on them.

Niamh Clark I totally agree that it definitely should of been focused on Rachel because in the first book Griffin lead you to believe that Darcy was a bad person yet in this book she led you to believe that she is a hero...

message 14: by Mananpani (new) - added it

Mananpani Every character has a chance to grow and author showed the story of Darcy... She has her story too and she is the heroine of her life so why to focus on Rachel on the second book as this book is about Darcy... People who are hating her, give her a chance...

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