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Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan
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Jul 23, 2012

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Read from July 22 to 23, 2012

Remember when I kept going on and on how GLOW was DARK? This sequel just upped the ante in that regard. To start, these are not the people first introduced in GLOW! Here, Kieran is leader, Seth is prisoner, and Waverly under scrutiny.

This redefining of who they were on the ship and to each other (and I’m not talking about romance), was different. There’s a lot of doubting and being surprised that so-and -so could do this or that. Or, would it better to say that instead of this redefining, there’s a revealing of true selves and capability? Interesting, yes? Even more, when one recalls those hints shown in GLOW because here we see all of them living up to those things:

Take Kieran’s rhetoric on enemies or even his views on a more positive vision and moving forward, impassioned though he could be… he simply rubbed me the wrong way. But that was the point, right? To see such stark change in a boy who’d initially shown such possibilities. Yet, here with one emotion based-decision after another, farther and farther he seemed to stray from that potential.

But he wasn't alone, for Waverly too seemed to be on a similar path. Now, her name I still find unfortunately fluffy, yet she was anything but. They’ve devolved these two. With her pulling precisely what Seth had, yet it’s the very same action that drives the fact home: that she’s less girl-perfect and more girl-broken.

Less a shocker are the changes in Seth. we all hated him in GLOW, right? He does terrible things and behaved absolutely badly. Here, bridges are definitely mended, but with all the why’s coming out, well so too did his more reasonable-self surface. Frankly... he's the most likeable one of the three. I bought what he was selling. There’s a genuineness to his position; that had reconsidering my opinions of him.

They all did things that crossed the line... but always with reason! It's just that those reasons happened to add a darker feel to everything else here.


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