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Buying America Back by Alan Uke
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Jul 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from July 20 to 21, 2012

When I first picked up this book I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I thought (and dreaded) it was going to end up being another book lobbying for a certain political party/candidate. Instead it was exactly what I had hoped for-a non-biased solution for helping America get back on it's feet using facts without the blame game.

He does not bash big box stores, particular person(s), political parties, or preaches against foreign trade. In fact he acknowledges that trade with other countries is extremely important for global prosperity however, the U.S. is importing more than we are exporting which has left us upside down. There are extensive resources in the book and I particularly enjoyed the Country Travelogue located in the back. It breaks down our imports vs. exports for nearly every country we deal with.

I live in small town America and have experienced first hand the devastating effects of the manufacturing industry shutting down along with millions of other Americans. By sending our jobs overseas to meet the demand for rock bottom prices regardless of quality or origin we have essentially written a suicide note for ourselves and unless we all make an effort to correct the issue then our future is not a bright one. A wonderful point Uke discusses in detail is the issue of current labeling standards in our country. At this time a product does not have to be fully (or partially!) made here in order to qualify for the "Made In America" sticker. It can be manufactured in another country then imported and slapped together or just boxed up and suddenly it qualifies. This is something that has been bothersome to me personally for sometime because I have made an effort to purchase American goods for many years and finding out I just paid extra for a foreign made product is extremely frustrating. Uke does talk about the consumer movement currently trying to change laws for clearer labeling & better safety standards for imported goods and calls upon each of us to help support it as well. Some may interpret that as pushing an agenda but I do not. Truth is clearer labeling would helps us all regardless of personal/political beliefs. As he mentions we have laws requiring clear labeling on drugs and food so why not on everything else? Electronics, bedding, baby products, and other countless items we all use on a daily basis have no real standards to keep us safe or informed as a consumer. I can't even name how many products I have purchased in recent years that ended up on a recall list for failing basic safety testing standards. Nothing like waking up and finding out that coffee pot you just turned on is now being recalled for spontaneously catching fire!

In short I think this book is an awesome read and I really would recommend it to anyone. In total the actual reading aspect is only 8 chapters long (less than 100 pages) and it's presented in an easy to read, entertaining format. It reads like your best buddy giving you the low-down on a football game. No words wasted, no unnecessary paragraphs, just straight forward information in a way your brain can process it without going "huh?!". I appreciate Uke's efforts in getting this information out there and I will definitely be passing this one around.
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