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Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
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Jul 20, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2012

So this book was strange.

At first I wanted to strangle all the little kids, and then slap Dean before I locked the other older kids in the closet. But then the characters developed quite well (well some more than others) and eventually I was able to enjoy the book, even if it is odd.

I just want to write down the way I described the book to my mom:
Okay, so there is a guy and he is totally obsessed with this godess like girl, who is kind of a freak. Then the other's a kid genius or something. Then this chemical spreads, and people are homicidal maniacs, and others are bleeding from the inside. This guy tries to beat up the other, because of something he said. Oh and that same guy, his name is Jake, is always high or drunk or something. And this 13 year old slut is trying to make the others get into her pants. GEEEH. Anyway there is a pedoman, who comes and is all touchy and stuff. Astrid comes out and has a gun on him, then the gun passes many hands before the pedoman gets it and shoots one of the aholes, who were trying to get into the 13 year old sluts pants, and then another girl shoots the pedoman. Another man, who obviously knew the pedoman was a pedoman, dies, and Jake dies or leaves or whatever. Then the kids leave, all except for the people who will go crazy. And that's it basically. Oh and the girl that he likes is pregnant.



... I know, I have a certain way with words (yeah not so much). But the fact that I make barely any sense means that it is a good book. I usually get crazy like that when it is.

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