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A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
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Jul 20, 2012

did not like it

The most BORING book I have ever read !

Gosh I am amazed at how boring the book was

When I read a romance ,I look for an interesting plot and prose style , sexy hero and gorgeous heroine, witty and interesting dialogue ,funny and tender moments ..I need to read sth that grabs me ..

This story bored me to tears..

I tried ..i really did ..I knew what I expect from JQ : light and fun read with no depth ..

I think JQ is unable to write a deep ,profound romance that touches the heart ..but I respect her ..I do ..but If I compare her to Lisa Kleypas or Gaelen Foley or Julie I need to expand?

Do you know how I feel when I read a JQ story ?I feel cheated ..especially when I read paragraphs and paragraphs of boring and meaningless thoughts of either of the main characters ..I feel JQ is just trying to fill up pages ..

Though I had a lot of fun reading The Duke and I and The Viscount who Loved me ..
But I realize the Bridgerton era is over

This story lacks the wit of The Duke and I..Daniel was boring ..Anne was boring ..I did not care about what would happen to them ..
It is Redundant!
No sexual tension witty repartee tender moments or moments that make you hold your breath in anticipation suspense ..nothing !

U know what I did as I was struggling to read it ?
I said to myself : life is too short to suffer reading sth like this ..I threw it away and grabbed How the Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long ..and you know what ? I finished it in a day and a half !!Julian was hot and phoebe was adorable ..

I think this will be my last JQ story

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