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Wings of Arian by Devri Walls
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Feb 09, 2013

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bookshelves: fantasy, magic, shifters, dragons, ya
Read from January 29 to February 08, 2013

Wings of Arian is an interesting addition to YA fantasy. Our heroine, Kiora, isn't like many other YA fantasy heroines. She can't swing a sword, yet she's not a damsel in distress either, which is nice. That said, Kiora and I did have our issues, which will be discussed below, but I appreciated having a heroine who wasn't cookie cutter.
Let's go ahead and get the less-than-pleasant portion of this review over with: my issues with Kiora. I liked Kiora in the beginning and the end, but things got a bit rocky in the middle. Initially, Kiora's people have been entirely shielded from evil, to the point that at 16, she has never heard a lie. So when she is forced to witness evil for the first time, I feel for her, since I can hardly imagine dealing with that. But let's be realistic. Kiora cries a lot. And runs off in a huff without letting anyone explain. After a while I got annoyed with her constant over-reactions. Plus there is one point where she becomes debilitatingly depressed over the death of her enemies. Maybe it's because I'm extremely competitive, but I couldn't fathom that part of the story. Or maybe I'm just a very violent young woman. Either way, I think this issue stems more from my personality than from any fault of Devri Walls. And by the end of the book, Kiora became tougher and hardened, which probably isn't a good thing, but it made me connect with her more.
Now on to the good stuff! I totally fell in love with Kiora's protector, Emane. He is so awesome! He's really caring and loving, with i love in real life, but tends to fall flat for me in books. But her loving and caring side is nicely balanced with a great sense of humour and a fiery temper. He and Kiora make such a great teams and I'm so proud of him for being so awesome in general!
I also enjoyed the portrayal of the villain Dralazar. He is multidimensional, which is super important to me. I hate cardboard villains! I loved how suave and manipulative he was. Beyond that, I loved how things weren't exactly as they seems on the good side either (oooh, so hard not to spoiler).
I really enjoyed the world Devri Walls created. Magic and dragons and shifters and the Wings and the gate and old magic! All awesome. The enjoyable world helped to get me through the rough patches between Kiora and I. Plus I even teared up at one point (I probably would have cried if I hadn't been reading in public.
Overall, the excellent world building made up for the rocky patches I endured with Kiora and I enjoyed Wings of Arian overall. A great book if you enjoy fantasy with sensitive, but not useless, heroines.

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