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Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong
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Jul 19, 2012

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Read in July, 2012

There's just something about Savannah as a narrator that I'm not crazy about. She frustrates me a lot of the time, and this book just felt all over the place. It jumped from one mystery to the next and ended on a total cliffhanger. Overall, it felt like a gateway book, just leading up to something epic and crazy in the 13th installment of the series. Whereas all of the previous books in this series coul potentially stand alone, this one relied heavily on cameos, reflecting on past events, and building up suspense for what more things there are to come.
That being said, I'm intrigued by the new information that we get about Vampires and immortality seekers. I've felt like the vampires in Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series have been a little neglected. Every other major species has had at least one book with the narrator being a part of that species. So it was good to see Cassandra again and learn a little more about old lore. There's so much potential in these books, and I enjoy the way that Armstrong writes. I love the world that she has built, and her stories are always intricate and well paced. This one just wasn't one of my favourites. Maybe it's just because Elena will always be my favourite and I'm always looking to see more of her, Clay and the twins.
Anyways, as for the actualy plot of this book, Savannah lost her powers when she made a wish to undo some damage done to a little girls life. She didn't realize that someone would take her up on her offer and is now feeling lost without her magic. She regrets all of the times that she didn't listen to the lessons and advice of others because she always thought that she would have her magic to do the hard work for her. In essence, she has taken advantage of her powers and is finding herself almost useless without them. There is also a witch hunter on her trail, so her life is in danger. She is investigating both the loss of her powers and the witch hunter with Adam, who grows more and more frustrated by Savannah's reaction to the lack of magic. He is trying to protect her while also trying to make her realize that she can survive without magic if she actually just tries instrad of sulking.
They go to visit Jaime to see if she has heard anything, and a member of the audience of one of her shows pulls off a magic stunt in the middle of the human crowd. THere is a group of supernaturals who want exposure. They don't like hiding their existence anymore and are trying ot build up support and come out to the human population. For obvious reasons, the council doesn't want that to happen. Supernaturals are vastly outnumbered, and they can see that exposure would be a very bad idea. Around the middle, the plot gets sort of convoluted and confusing. You can't tell who actually wants what, or what the purpose of some of the actions are. And as I said earlier, this book is more of a stepping stone than anything else. The silver lining is that Savannah gets a nice talking to by Clayton, who tells her to grow the hell up. As the story progresses, she shows signs of maturing and becoming less frustrating, which is good, since the 13th book is going to be narrated by her as well.

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