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The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman
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Jul 19, 12

Sadly enough, I won't be continuing on with these books. I liked the ideas, the basics of the plot, and some of the characters.

I didn't feel that the story was put together too well. At times, I was hungry for information. At other times, I was on information overload. I didn't get an in-between.

The story was also way to "out there" for me. The time travel wasn't explained well (nothing really was, in my opinion.)

The cover is good...but the title? Really? You don't even know what it's referring to until the last chapter of the book! And then it's like, what? Couln't you have called this Diskos or something? You know, something related to this story, and not the stories to come.

And then there's the God issue, and what? Really? The Digital Plague? That is never mentioned in the bible people, just to let you know. And, I am a Christian (albeit a young one) but that is NOT IN THE BIBLE!

All in all, I didn't like it, but I see the appeal of the book and how people would like it. I wouldn't recommend the book, but it's not a terrible book, and if you like sci-fi, take a look into it, but I'm not saying you'll be happy with it.

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