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Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken
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Jul 19, 12

Oh dear, dear, dear what in the bloody fuck have we gotten ourselves into this time? I'd have to say it's an exceptionally large load of horseshit which reeks chronically of hackness; picking a place to start isn't exactly easy. For one thing, there are so many crappy presumptions made in Chariots of the Gods it is actually profound. The evidence and logic behind this 'book' (I don't if IT deserves to be called same thing as The Great Gatsby or 1984.) is flimsy at the absolute best, and Erich von Dicklicker (who's an ex-con) has admitted some of what he puts forth as support for his 'theory' is nothing but bull. He also doesn't have th courtesy to consider questions like these: Why wouldn't the aliens cure things like dieases instead of building pyramid if they were going to help an incredibly spieces who lives on a tiny blue dot, and where the hell have they been for the five thousand fucking years? Just wandering... This was written in a way which is certainly third rate; hence, Chariots of the Gods has little to no redemming value. I hate burning books, but I would suggest using to help us cope with the oil shortage.
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Jaime Johnson Wow! I'd hate to see your review on the Bible!

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