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A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont
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Jul 19, 2012

it was ok

It's a tired idea: re-writing classic works of literature to be fan fiction. But whatever, I'll let it slide. I was bored and needed something to read.

Emma is not likable. She makes me uncomfortable and she's tedious. She's so in love with her English teacher that she doesn't think that anything he does "crosses the line" (which it DOES!) The boy she likes she ~of course~ hates.

Jane Eyre is a great book (I do prefer Wuthering Heights, but anyway) and somehow, even copying and pasting it, Mont made it really, really boring. Her takes on Jane as a feminist, as a role model to Victorian women, etc were not original-- they're all boring and old theories we've all heard in high school a billion times. The whole Bertha thing was weird, forced and just .... "What the hell?"

Cliches about mean blonde girls who happen to very pretty and rich (and trashy) do a lot more damage to how young girls see themselves than not seeing Bertha as "a little girl lost."

The constant passing out/getting hurt/whatever it is this time was so annoying and frustrating. Just think of better ways to go between worlds. Or, if you really wanted to write this story, make a modern version of Jane Eyre (which would be just as frustrating as all the new Pride and Prejudices).

The heavy-handedness of Emma's modern life was tiresome to read. How much more obvious can you make it that she's Jane and he's Rochester when she gives him a huge scar on his eyebrow? Their relationship isn't authentic to me (which, I know they're teens, but still!) -- they suddenly go from hating each other to being thisclose to having sex in his car? That's bad writing and we all know it.

Also, who gets drunk off three wine coolers or a half bottle of champagne? No one, even if it's your first time drinking. And no one acts the way Michelle did after a little bit of champagne. That was really annoying to read as well.

The mother's death story was so weird and .... I don't know, it just happened and then it didn't and then IT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. Just... odd.

I don't think any of the characters are role models or even likable.
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