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Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
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Jul 18, 12

Dark Kiss was a darkly dangerous novel that started with the kiss that changed Samantha’s life. The kiss left her feeling cold and empty. The kiss leads her to Bishop and his crazy mission. The kiss is the beginning of the end. And from that kiss came I novel that I fell in love with. The plot was engaging and twisting. I was shocked by each new detail that was revealed, and trust me there, there was a lot of secrets revealed. The author weaves the concept of angels and demons working together beautifully to create a world where anything goes. Throughout the novel, the lines between good and evil were blurred. It fit in perfectly with the unique idea of someone stealing souls through kisses. This idea was so different that I was instantly hooked and was not disappointed as the details of how the “dark kiss” came to be were brought to light.

I loved the angel and demon characters even more than I did Samantha. Each was very unique and struck the reader in a very different way. Bishop was the leader of the group and was an angel and the love interest of the story. He struggled with being in charge of such a large mission, but I could see why Samantha fell for him. Zach, another angel, was my personal favorite because he was so sincere and kind to everyone. His special power was healing. There was another angel, Conner, but he did not play that big of a role in the story with me. Then there was Roth, whose only power was to be rude and mean to everyone in the story. He was basically the opposite of Zach. Lastly, there was Kraven who was a demon who could also be good. He was the most complex of the five and I cannot wait to discover his secrets in the sequel.

Dark Kiss is a novel worth checking out. It is perfect for someone looking for a dark and dangerous romance.

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