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Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz
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I loved this novel; it was an amazing ending to an unbelievable story. It was worth waiting for. (Although Horowitz might have used less than 4 years) I cannot believe it has gone so many years since I read the first novel (Raven's Gate) one hot summer in Turkey, and now it is over, the Old Ones and the Gatekeepers finally battled it out and the … won? (ok, ok you have to fill in that one yourself, because I am not telling).

In this novel I have laughed, cried (several times), laughed and cried (that was only ones) and in the end had to go through that horrible revelation that one get after finishing a series, “it is over, and it will never be any more to reader, the cake is gone, your birthday is over, Santa Claus does not exist (sorry kids) it is so sad you have to cry (more).

So in the end I have to say, it was a fantastic, action packed, driving, emotional and sad ending to one of my favorite childhood series.

P.S: Not all of the Gatekeepers will survive (sorry I had to :-)i

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