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Black Wings by Christina Henry
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Jul 18, 2012

did not like it
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Enough about the gargoyle already. We get it. He likes popcorn. I guess I stopped being entertained by quirky sidekicks when I outgrew disney movies with the token "funny" raccoon or pig or hamster or whatever. Now, while the gargoyle is only a small part of this book, it was a good indicator of the crap filling the pages. If it's not a gargoyle, it's some crap about how beautiful Lucifer is or eating pizza with her token gay friend or even her stupid supernatural job that's supposed to be relevant to the story but is really just filler. I also can't get past the idea of Lucifer's kingdom being good. Or how the chick he impregnates murders an entire town with both women and children in abundance just so she can find her demon lover. And these are the characters we're supposed to be rooting for?!?!?! Nooooooot so much. I'm all for a little baddie action here and there, but Lucifer himself is the person we're supposed to like? That's a little too far on the dark side for me. Murdering kids is something I just can't look past.

Adolescent writing, boring filler, trying to make one dimensional bad guys good somehow, and not even the sexy dude was enough to keep my attention. I was just so freaking indifferent to this crappy story (that I spent 8 bucks on!) that I could barely finish it. I will usually lower myself to some pretty embarrassing depths if it means reading about a hot guy. Heck, I gave the entire Darkfever series 5 stars simply because Jerrico Barrons is beyond sexy description (that being said, I actually loved that series apart from him). Point being, this book's "sexy" tortured hero was so cliched and boring, even he didn't hold my attention. Not worth anyone's money. And frankly, I'm angry that so many positive reviews tricked me into spending mine. I always try to read a few negative reviews so I know the good and the bad. But somehow this one slipped past my best crap defenses.

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