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Scarecrow Returns by Matthew Reilly
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Jul 20, 12

Read in July, 2012

Reading a Matthew Reilly novel invokes that old saying, "Hold on to you butts, we're going for a ride. The story will start off fast and then speed up.

In this one, The Army of Thieves have conducted a series of raids, one a month, that netted them nine billion in Euros, a ship full of modern weaponry, a host of American flight vehicles from a base in Afghanistan, and released about a thousand of the worst criminals from prisons in Sudan and Peru.

And they've taken over Dragon Island.

At the top of the world, in the Arctic above Russia, it was once the communist nation's weapons development lab. Closed for years, a skeleton crew rotated out every few months protected the weaponry housed there.

Through a traitor, The Army of Thieves has it now, as well as command of satellites and software that keep it free from attack.

The only reason word got out is the latest group flying in to take their turn is attacked and the lead scientist, a pilot as well, gets his plane back up in the air, getting word out even as it is shot down.

The Warlord of the Army sends out an announcement. He's going to destroy much of the world. In the weeks they'd controlled Dragon Island, they'd been letting out a gas, a development of an old Russian program, the jet stream taking it along the path that spread it around the world. They were priming a special nuclear device, not a lot of radiation, but enough heat to set the atmosphere on fire. It took twelve hours to prime the missile for detonation.

The world had five hours left before launch.

An attempt to send a nuclear device by Russia to take out the island got control reversed and straight back at the launch site.

There were only two groups that could get there in time to do anything.

A U.S. attack sub with a contingent of SEALs and a civilian mission testing the effects of cold on new weapons. The SEAL team was wiped out five seconds after it landed and the sub destroyed.

The civilian mission was led by Marine Shane Scofield, code name Scarecrow, with three other Marines, one of them known as Mother, not for her maternal instincts, but short for Motherfucker, accompanying the civilians. His success was of a whole different order.

As one has come to expect, the action in a Reilly thriller is unrelenting as our hero and his team race to save the world and learn what is really going on in the far North. Not to mention who the Warlord really is.

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