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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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Jul 20, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, young-adult
Read from July 16 to 19, 2012

Beginning right where Divergent left off, Tris is on the run from the war and trying to make sense of its entire purpose, especially since everyone but those immune are being controlled by some simulation and are completely unaware of what they're doing. The different factions are aligning themselves on either side of the fight, and Tris hears that the entire war is over the control of some important information - information that she doesn't yet know or understand. Four, her boyfriend, doesn't believe there's any information at the heart of this, and the two of them sort of take sides as the book goes on.

While I enjoyed Divergent more than this installment, Insurgent was still quite an entertaining read. Its fast pace and constant action kept me reading, and I was curious what the secret information could be. There really wasn't much refresher material in this book, leaving me scratching my head at parts that I didn't recall from the first book (it's been a while since I read it, but generally series give you little reminders about what has previously happened). Because of this, certain parts didn't hit me nearly as hard as they could have, such as Tris' guilt about the way certain events occurred, who had been her allies in the past, or what exactly happened at certain points.

The fledgling relationship between Tris and Four was at the forefront of this novel. They got along and fought like a normal couple, but parts of it turned into melodrama because of the stupid decisions that their fights stemmed from. Tris makes so many dumb decisions throughout the course of this novel, and it became eye-rolling at parts. Instead of being the smart, strong heroine I found her to be in the first book, Tris decides on multiple occasions to offer herself up as a martyr. I didn't feel much empathy because she never seemed to think these things through or consider repercussions of her actions (and lies!); considering that she's supposedly smart enough to belong in the "smart" faction, this just confused me. I suppose all her decisions and actions were necessary to move the plot forward, but it was definitely difficult to sympathize with her, and it was easy to understand why Four was frustrated with her. Along the same lines, it was easy to see why Tris grew frustrated from Four because he made decisions solely based on his family relationships instead of logic.

I did really like the way other characters were developed throughout the course of this book, particularly one of Tris' old enemies from her initiation days. Though some of the many characters blended together for me (there were just so many!), the ones highlighted did have unique personalities and interacted with each other in a believable manner.

The end of this book was interesting but did not wrap things up and even invited more questions. I'm not even sure I fully understood it, which is probably not a good sign (and who knows - maybe I'm not supposed to). I'm guessing all will be answered in the next book.
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