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The Awakening by L.J. Smith
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Jul 18, 2012

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I've heard people say that this book is like a guilty pleasure. I think that's wrong. This book is like a movie about Giant Mutant Piranhas.

I gave the "true" series a 3 out of 5 because i wasn't bored out of my mind with it.

Twilight is a guilty pleasure. The characters are stupid, selfish and blind. Her mythical world deviates so far from the norm you have to wonder if she was on acid when she came up with it. All but the first movie sucked terribly. And in the end every bad thing someone has said about the series is true. And yet we still like it. When i get bored and can't find anything else to do i shove on the audio book and zone out to it while doing other things.

This series is like those movies on the scifi channel about giant mutant piranhas. You're bored. You're flicking through the channels. You find the movie. Nothing better on so you watch it. Story and acting weren't bad. Movie ends. You move on. The end.

No matter how good the writing maybe, these books are still about giant mutant piranhas. The main character is a change from later versions of these types of books. But that is only because people later figured out that the vain popular girl as a main char is 2D and all character growth is just normal and boring. Lets face it, if we wanted to read about normal people we wouldn't be reading a vampire book! Bella may be a lego block but at least lego blocks are 3D.

The only redeeming quality of the character is that she wants to be with vampires but not become one and it never seems to really cross her mind. Most vampire books start with a character who is either forced to vampirism or begs to be one so they can be with someone. To her its simply "Vampire? Meh. A hot guy is a hot guy. Who cares about vampires."

I could go on listing the flaws and such but i think you get the point. You probably noticed that i said this was about the "true" series. That would be the first 3 books. I discovered that any books written after that were done because her publishers made her (well made may be too strong but the story was finished until her publishes asked her to do another... and then another). And the latest ones aren't even written by her.

Read the first 3 and the first 3 alone. The rest will only taint the story and force me to give it a 1 out of 5.

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