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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright
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Aug 26, 12

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2012

To follow is a combination of parts of my previous reviews of 1-6, to make a huge review for the Complete Collection.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Author Jennifer Malone Wright for the opportunity to read for review this spectacular series!!! Woot Woot

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter (The Beginning) follows the life of young 14 year old Chloe who witnesses her mother’s murder… yes, right in front of her.

On this very same day Chloe vows to seek revenge against the vampire who killed her mother….
Chloe learns many family secrets that night and more in the days that follow that dreadful day, about her mother, father and also of others in her family. Leading her down a wild journey, which shows her what her family is and what/who she ultimately will become.

After being awakened in the middle of the night by her mother, hidden in a closest from the intruders that broke into their home. Felicia, her mother was demanded to hand over Chloe!!!! Nope, she isn’t going to do it.
A fight/battle ensues with the vampires, her mother fighting against them.. Why??? You might be asking… They’ve come for Chloe, to take her to the father that she has never known.

I’m not going to give away anymore, but you need to know this; The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter is a series that engulfs you from the very beginning with it’s accelerating fast pace, with an ongoing storyline that unfolds with each installment.
You became familiar with the characters quickly, who they are, and what they are about as the premise flows smoothly. Clearly and precisely a captivating phenomenal story.

I absolutely love Author Jennifer Malone Wrights style. At times it felt like I could just picture her as she was plotting the next scene. Sitting there, her amazing brain churning as each sentence is written…. Tick, tick, tick…

The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter continues with book 2, POWERFUL BLOOD….

Chloe comes from the blood of angels, demi-gods and in her special case, a vampire…. Her blood is that which comes from the Original Vampire Hunters, and having such a strong mixture of blood has the potential to be VERY POWERFUL. (-:

Training now with vampire hunters for two months, she has sworn to herself that she was going to be the best- like her mother.
She runs the trails for 1 hour each morning, then school, then works out on the machines in the gym…. Then as Chloe would say got her butt kicked“ by Drew or one of the others for 2 hours. Plus twice a week she goes to the range to practice archery and shooting. Chloe proves to be a natural at both!!!

Part 2 also introduces Chloe more to the other hunters of the village (actually it‘s a city) where they live together away from others unlike them, keeping their secrets and roles unknown. What brings them all together, is their mutual responsibilities to protect humans from the vampires who would try to kill or turn them.

Author Jennifer Malone Wright continues to keep this series rolling along at a mesmerizing pace, one that has each part in my opinion better than the last installment!!!

I have absolutely loved it… although each have fascinating aspects and all full of an ongoing suspense, there’s just something more intriguing to this installment that makes it stand out from the previous ones so far….

Chloe is going through so much turmoil inside, anger is at the forefront after the village is attacked. Some of her vampire hunter family are killed, and many others injured: her Grandpa Luke is pretty seriously injured.
Chloe feels responsible for whats been happening, because it’s her own father who keeps sending vampires to capture her, to try and take her to him and away from those who fight to protect her at all costs.

Theres a New Years eve party on the horizon, and yes Chloe has a date… with the most popular guy at her school!!! You guessed it, this isn’t sitting to well with Drew by no means… I’m not going to give away any more of the story, this is a series that you must take the time to enjoy and grow to love on your own…. Sorry, so if you are already reading this story, keep reading on, and if you haven’t started reading it yet I have to ask you one question, why not? The next part/installment is even better.

And once again as I always seen to do, I have found myself picking or teaming up pairs in this series too.

As Chloe and the community are now trying to gather their strength from injuries, deal with the loss of some of their hunters, and pull it all back together after the vampire attack on them Chloe and Drew are more at odds with each other, the more they try to get along the more they seem to fight- tensions are running very high.

The New Year’s party doesn’t help take her mind off of things… her mind is more eager to come up with plans to vanquish the vampires, all of them including the main one behind all the attacks, her father Trevor!!!

Drastic changes are on the horizon for Chloe, what will she do???? How can she stop all the madness of the attacks against her and those she loves and cares about??
What is the connection and similarities that bug Chloe? That she sees in Gavin and Drew? Questions, yes I know!!! But they will remain unanswered by me, because you really need to grab onto this series of short stories… cliffhangers at the end of each one will have you definitely going right to the next one. (-:

As I carry on eagerly jumping into part 5 of this amazing storyline. “Living with Vampires” here I come.
Author Jennifer Malone Wright is definitely at it again, keeping us coming back for more with this installment of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter. Very nicely done I might add too.

I refuse to let this series end!!! *takes a deep breath* this installment is going to be so hard not to give to many spoilers away…. Ughhhh

So much is happening in this installment, covering a longer time frame, but if I were Chloe it would feel one heck of a lot longer!!!!

Chloe is no longer living in the vampire hunter community…. Nope, she’s living with her father, Trevor!!! Talk about a complete flip around. But she’s living there for a reason; to get revenge against her father for the attack against the village and those she loves. And for the murder of her mother. Revenge she WILL have and get.. *nods head* (Get him Chloe)

As the characters continue to grow, we are acquainted to new ones. (yayyy)

Secrets about Chloe are unveiled. How she manages from going insane or crazy is beyond me. Boy, there are some doozies of twists and turns, lots of evil-mean vampires, triumphs and so so much more!!! I’m off to part 6 (Arcadia Falls) now. *whistles a happy tune *

Nope, Nope, Nope I still refuse to accept that this is the last installment in The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series )-: The only comfort in all this is knowing that “The Arcadia Falls Chronicles” is soon to be on it’s way for all of us to follow, where The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter has ended….

So with that being said, we continue. Close one book and open the next.. In this installment Chloe attempts her escape from the clutches of her father. Will she and her friends successfully pull it off?? *bites her tongue* no I won’t tell you what happens *insert cheesy angelic grin*

Chloe also finally chooses between her two guys, Gavin and Drew!!! Hummmm which will it be?? And you guessed it, I’m not going to tell you the answer to this one either. *flutterz wingz*

Ah yes, then there’s the question still remaining about Gavin and Drew along with a new one… have they been able to resolve the differences between them??? Yes, another unanswered question from me.

Chloe continues to grow in her character, but most importantly she continues to grow and mature as a vampire hunter. One with powers unlike no other!!!! Her Destiny awaits her.


Thank you so much Author Jennifer Malone Wright for this spectacular, gripping, action packed series that you have created for all of us to enjoy. I eagerly look forward to the next series that you have in the works for us… “The Arcadia Falls Chronicles” *angel hugz*

Recommend: 17 and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars

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