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Elric of Melniboné by Michael Moorcock
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Aug 01, 07

Read in July, 2007

Goth superhero Elric experiences great angst over being sorcerer-king of a bunch of evil bastards and selling his soul to various elementals and demons, but decides that he needs to go rescue his girlfriend from his jerkoff cousin to see if being nice is better than forcing said jerkoff cousin to do things like, say, eat his own bodyguard alive.

In the end he obtains a soul-sucking sword made of pure evil, but decides he'll try to use it for good. Let's see in future books whether he succeeds.

The prose is short but very sweet. I like that.

But seriously, this book is a must for Dungeons and Dragons players. They will recognize many of the familiar AD&D concepts as having originated from this book and for that alone, Moorcock deserves credit. The book is good too. Especially if you're Goth.

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message 1: by Gar (new)

Gar I am so totally goth. I'm so goth that if you put the band members of the Cure, the Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, and the Fields of the Nephilim (pre-Zoon, which saw Carl McCoy become seriously fucking metal) into a blender that I'd make the resulting smoothie seem like square tap water instead. I've got hundreds of body piercings, but only posers wear theirs on the surface; I'm so hardcore that all my body piercings are inside. I've got dozens of rings and studs in my aorta alone, and can feel them grind together with each beat of my heart because LIFE IS DARKNESS AND PAIN.

Red Siegfried Do read this, then. Moorcock doesn't screw around and gets right to the story, which I appreciate, but he doesn't forget that pretty prose is a good thing, which I also appreciate.

And by pretty I mean almost poetic in some passages, without getting overly flowery. It was a pleasant surprise and I hope to whip through the rest of the series, or at least as many as I can pick up at Half Price Books until I'm forced to track down the rest of them on Amazon.

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