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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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Jul 18, 2012

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sometimes i'll spend an entire night just reading through wikipedia articles about stuff from my childhood... atari games and dungeons & dragons and speed racer and all that stuff... and it always makes me feel both happy and sad, kinda silly about how important all that stuff seemed to me at the time, and kinda sad that it no longer does (or does a little, still, somehow, nevertheless)... this book basically felt like one of those nights, only minus the sadness, the growing up. it's fun but emotionally... void. it's nerdy, not because it's about "nerdy things," but because it lacks any kind of perspective or balance. the bad guys are bad, the good guys are good, being able to recite monty python lines can save the world, tempest and pac-man skills are important, and no one good ever makes a mistake (or learns anything)... it's all just pure wish fulfillment and none of the actual problems inherent in the premise are addressed. and of course the hero loves the girl who turns out to have a big port wine stain on her face anyway. because he's good! and no one good would ever have a feeling or response that wasn't, y'know, good.

that being said, it moves right along and any book that mentions TIME PILOT gets my vote.
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