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The Kill Order by James Dashner
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Jul 17, 2012

really liked it
Read in July, 2012

Shaunta’s Review: I love dystopian fiction. It’s often what I write (my first novel, due out next July (!!!) is dystopian.) I jump at the chance to read it or watch it on television or at the movies. Somehow, although The Maze Runner has been on my radar ever since I read James Dashner’s amazing publishing story last year, I haven’t read it yet. When The Kill Order came up on Netgalley, and I saw it was a prequel, I jumped at the chance to read it.

I was not disappointed. This book is full of action, characters that were well drawn and that I cared about, and is a fantastic dystopian origin story. There was maybe (possibly) just a tiny bit too much action at the end. Sometimes I felt like I needed a break, and it might have been a slightly more comfortable read if a few breathing spots were built into the last third of the story. I also wish I’d read the first three books first, because I’m not certain I will love them, and I feel like I missed something in the reading of this book by not knowing things that I would have known if I read this last.

For the vast majority of the book I was excited to read it. It’s very well written. It’s obvious that the author cares about the world he’s created and the people he’s populated it with. The story is exciting and action-packed. The end was a little confusing and a tiny bit of a let down, but I bet it wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t read the books out of order. Bottom line, I finished this book and knew immediately I would read the rest of the series. What more could I ask for? (Check out Maze Runner’s incredible book trailer below. I foresee a lot of James Dashner in my future!)

WHAT I LOVED: I loved the relationship between Mark and his mentor. I loved how Mark was never quite sure that Trina loved him for him, or because he was pretty much the last boy on Earth that she knew before the sun flares. I loved the rising tension, the ever-increasing action. It reminded me, experience-wise, or watching The Walking Dead. There are no zombies in this book, but close enough, and the feel is similar. Can things get worse? Oh yes. Yes they can.

WHAT I DIDN’T LOVE: I didn’t get the ending, but that’s because I haven’t read the other three books. Which means that this book doesn’t entirely stand on its own. I love a trilogy or series, but I feel like each book should be able to stand alone.

GRADE: B+ I have a whole line-up of books in my TBR pile, but Maze Runner is moving to the top.

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