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Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks
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Nov 07, 2008

it was amazing

When you look at the cover of Go Ask Alice what do you think?
I thought that I would be about a girl that everyone went to advice for. Well I was wrong! This book is my favorite of all times. I read it four times and I can’t stop. Go Ask Alice is the type of book that once you read it; you never want to put it down.

Go Ask Alice is about a girl who starts at being very family oriented but, than she’s forced to move and gets into the wrong crowds at school. Starting off, Alice goes to a party that she thought was going to be good. But all of a sudden they make her play this game that involves coke a cola and a drug called LSD. LSD makes you “trip” and you begin to see things that aren’t really there. After that happened, Alice wrights in her journal about how she becomes curious to try other drugs. From there Alice was done. Every drug that appeared she was curious to try and she did just that.

Also, Alice later on started living on the streets, were she gets raped and meet new friends. Her new “friends” weren’t what you would call the trustful ones. These friends were druggies just like her. They lead her to than do pot. Alice and her so-called “friend” went to get jobs but the money was spent to buy more pot. Alice than runs away again. And later winds up in a rehab place where she goes nuts. Alice started off as an innocent girl. This shows teens what drugs do to you.

Concluding, you can see the reason why you’re never going to want to put this book down. The most exciting stuff happens one after another. This book teaches an important lesson that teens should not do drugs because it gets you into nothing but trouble. These are the types of books that catch my eye and there just about the only ones ill read.

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