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Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter
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Jul 17, 12

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Read in July, 2012

I’ve read the other two books in the Shadow Falls series too and before this installment I could never decide if I really liked them. It’s not that they’re bad books. The idea of a supernatural camp for teens is pretty cool and I like the possibility that all the different species’ feuds provide. The premise is solid for a YA offering. The books themselves just felt draggy.

But the story seemed to hit its stride in this book.

I think the major reason I feel iffy about the series is that I can’t seem to really relate to any of the characters. I know, I know, how well do I think I’m going to relate to a bunch of supernatural creatures? But it’s not that. The teenagers, as far as I’m concerned, read younger than they’re purported to be.

It’s not necessarily their behaviour, or even really the dialogue. It’s sort of indefinable. And while I get that cursing isn’t to everyone’s taste I think we can all agree that if you stick a bunch of seventeen year olds together for overnight sleeps there’s going to be (at the very least) a couple of f-bombs.

Not in Shadow Falls! Not even when they’re facing almost certain death.

But maybe that’s just my own experience of being a teenager, probably exacerbated by the fact that I’m now in my mid-twenties. I just don’t believe that everyone around Kylie is polite and delicate all the time.

I also don’t get the love triangle. Derek is such a wet character. He’s maybe the most boring YA love interest I’ve ever read. The whole part where he can manipulate Kylie’s emotions could be such good drama-fodder, but angelic Derek would never do a thing like that. Basically I have no feelings about Derek and in the words of a really awesome song: apathy is tragedy. I did like him a little more in this book though.

It’s not just the teens that bother me. Holiday could be such an amazing character but she’s relegated to substitute parent. Even then there are these little hints at her past and her problems and I want to know more, even if it’s only between Kylie whining about not knowing who she is (she rivals Joey Potter in the ’finding yourself’ stakes - at least we’ve finally found something out now… kind of). Plus, I love that name. Maybe I’m making Holiday more tragic and exciting in my head because I can’t help but think of Holly Golightly.

That being said it’s a perfectly acceptable book in a perfectly acceptable series which is probably better aimed at pre-teens and very young teens who want a bit of chaste paranormal adventure and romance. Not particularly stand out though, I actually forgot everyone’s names except for Kylie and Holiday between reading these books - and I had weeks between the reads, rather than a standard year.

If you’re under fifteen give it a go, but be aware this series makes Twilight look racy.

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