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City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
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Jul 17, 12

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This is the last time I read a book because I saw it on some "Books You Can't Put Down" list on Pinterest. I've been reading a lot of quality YA books lately, but this ain't one of them. Only after I finished the book did I discover that it the author originally wrote Harry Potter fan fiction, and a lot of this book is lifted straight from her fan fiction, which explains so much! For example, the "non-magical folk" in this book are called "mundanes," or "mundies." Get it? No, not "muggles," silly: "mundies," which is totally different. (NOT.) There were several plot "twists" in this book that I seriously had figured out by page 50 of the book. When some of the "twists" were revealed later on I found myself thinking, "Really? That was supposed to be a twist? We weren't supposed to know that yet?" This only gets 2 stars, rather than 1 star, because I did read the whole thing. At least the Kindle version of this book was only 99 cents. I won't be reading the rest of the trilogy.

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Sueij FWIW, the term "mundanes" to reference non-magical folks, or others outside a particular group, is a standard one in science fiction and fantasy fandom. "Muggle" is actually the newcomer term to the scene. Mundane goes back many, many decades.

Jennifer Fair enough, Sue. That was just one example, though, of the derivative nature of a book that was cobbled together from pieces of HP fan fiction. And the fact that it was fan fiction isn't necessarily a horrible thing -- I just felt that the writing in this book was clunky and the plot predictable. We might have to agree to disagree about this one! ;-)

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