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The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
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Jul 16, 12

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

Artemis Fowl's mother has contracted an illness that only our villain turned somewhat hero can cure. The problem: he killed the cure eight years ago. With his new warlock friend, Artemis is able to go back in time, save the only cure for his mother, return to the present, administer the cure, and everything in life can go back to normal. Right? Oh, but it's never that easy with Artemis Fowl and it is certainly never that simple with Eoin Colfer. This. book. was. amazing.

I opened the book expecting a good book. I closed the book with an open mouth and an admiration that borders on the obsessive. I had read the previous books in the series and was impressed by each succession more so than I had been in the previous one, but I thought that effect had run its course. I thought there wasn't much left that could change; there wasn't much left to be a mystery or to just leave me dumbfounded by the pure genius of it all. You'd think by now I would have learned that is NEVER the case with Eoin Colfer.

This will be my longest review because I simply have so many feelings about this book.

Normally in a series it's hard to outdo your previous books; it's hard to think of something you haven't thought of before; it's hard to keep it exciting. In ANY book it's hard to throw so many loops that the ending is literally a complete mystery, at least to this reader. Well Eoin Colfer is not one to fall under the category of a "normal" writer. He is an amazing writer. The intelligence required for the technical, scientific, and historic refereces, the creativity to constantly out do yourself each and every time you put pen to paper, hand to keyboard, etc. and the absolute insight to know what the reader wants, no CRAVES in a book with mystery, twists, suspense, and character depth is so outstanding I wouldn't think I person could possess them all. And then I read a book by Eoin Colfer. Yes, I do believe this has become an obsession.

To anyone who has read this book, please do not chastise, criticize, or hate me for what I am about to say: When I first opened this book I did not think I liked it, and I closed it at page 120. I hadn't even finished the chapter. I just closed the book, put it on a shelf, and told myself I would get to it eventually. That eventually happened to regretably be months later: a time that I will never get back, but please allow me to explain my misinformed little past brain. At the time I had just come back from reading all five of the Artemis Fowl series back to back with no reprieve. I'm sorry to admit this, but I was a little worn out. And at the start of this series (bear with me for my memory is not perfect as I simply started where I left off instead of starting over again when I picked the book up for a second try) I did not like it. I felt Colfer was adding elements that were not needed, nor rational to the characters and story that I have come to love. Pretty much... I thought he was trying too hard. I know. I hate myself too.

It all felt different. Starting with Holly's new way that she accesses her magic and checking it like a fuel tank. (I'm only going to use that one example, but I am speaking very generally about the many changes in the book with that specific example as a reference point.) That had never been addressed before. It had never been seen, referenced, implied, etc. It just seemed.... Out of place. And unnecessarily out of place. That (among other additions) just made me feel that Colfer was grasping for new aspects of the book to keep it interesting. But then, and even now I feel that it was unnecessary and still hurt the book. I do not like when new aspects are added to later books in a series that affect occurences and actions in previous books. It feels to me like the author had thought of this new idea as one he wishes he had thought of earlier and just throws it in the middle trying to act like it was there the whole time but it was only addressed now. No. That doesn't fly by me.

Whew. There we go. It's over. The pain of crticizing this amazing book is over. Now to the good, no GREAT stuff.

Time travel. Obviously that is the main aspect of the book, but it is complemented with so many changes I could not believe what I was reading. I started the book as a painful challenge to finish the series. It took me 3 days to read the first 120 pages and put it away. It took me hours to finish the book once I had picked it back up. I literally COULD NOT put this book down. Twice I had to use the restroom. The book came with me.

I'm assuming anyone reading this review has read the book, so beyond this point there are maybe a few
but not really. I'm not going to reveal everything, but I will discuss matters that happen in the book.

My first thoughts of the time travel was "why don't they just go back further in time and get the lemur BEFORE young Artemis is already hunting it. But I guess that is too easy. What ACTUALLY happens is nowhere near easy. After escaping Butler and Young Artemis, Holly and present Artemis get beaten... Again. By ten year old Artemis. You would think fourteen year old Artemis would be smarter than ten year old Artemis, but no. Apparently when you're already a supergenius there isn't really much smarter you can get, so present Artemis is really up against a formidable challenge.

Fast forward to the aftermathh of the Extinctionists meeting. :O <-- That's me. Not believing what I'm reading. I did NOT see that coming. But I still had no way to guess what would come. My thoughts were basically: "Artemis has the lemur, so once he escapes (a certain someone [wink, wink]) then he can return to the present and everything is good, relying on the fact that he doesn't run into his younger self again. Then I look at the amount of book I have left to read. :O <-- My reaction to that as well. I seriously could not imagine how there was THAT MUCH book left when it seemed so simple. But it's never simple with Artemis Fowl. And that certainly makes for one exciting read.

Fast forward to the present again. At this point the book basically goes from plot twist, to plot twist, to plot twist, to plot twist until literally the last page. It was just amazing. Simply amazing.

This review is basically meaningless because there is no way for me to describe how awesome this book is while doing it justice. Filled with suspense, plot twist, and huge character development it was just one of the all time greats. If you have not read this book you need to. Now. Go to a library, book store, your friends house, download it off the internet I don't care just do SOMETHING to read this book! And if you have read this book and disagree then we probably wouldn't be able to be friends in real life..... I'm serious. haha Not really, but we would certainly have a long discussion as to why you did not absolutely LOVE this book.

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