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Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
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Jul 16, 12

it was ok

I feel like I'm on a broken record of Sarah Dessen storylines, hearing the same kidn of plot over and over again, drilled into my brain.

This was a nice, light, summer read. It has that beachy-summer feel to it, which I enjoy to pick up in the summer months, most notably June-July, since I prefer light reads than the heavier types of novels when you`re acquired a bit more attention to the details written on the pages.

Quite honestly, this must be Miss Dessen`s outline of her drafts. >.< ((I`ve found these types of storylines in both Along for the Ride, What Happened to Goodbye, and That Summer.

-Girl who is going through emotional issues or problems, eg, family, friend, or romance. ((There`s generally something going on within the family, and the girl feels broken from it, and usually changes her personality/natural ways because of it. For Auden, it`s her sleeping habits))

-Girl goes somewhere in the summer or moves to a different place/ and meets a boy who is a bit of an outsider, but has a different side that only she gets to see. ((How many times have we heard of THAT one, guys -.-))
-Girl battles with the conflicts and problems/struggles she`s been dealing with due to the reasons listed in the first point-. Usually, she and the boy will break up, but then something will bring them back together.

^ And that`s basically a whole outline of Along For The Ride. Insert "Girl" as "Auden West", and the romance interest "Boy" as "Eli". I`m literally just SO sick of the outcast boy with a different side that only the girl (In this case, it is Auden) gets to see.

As for the actual review of Along For the Ride, it was so-so. I wasn`t a fan of Auden`s character, and for me, she seemed like a girl I couldn`t relate to (maybe for the parent`s fighting, I guess). She seemed so...negative. And while I think Dessen was trying to make her come off as selfless with the whole taking care of the baby and everything, and going to live with her dad and generally being okay with his acute BS to her, she was just a Mary Sue who basically let everyone just walk all over her. I mean, she didn`t fight back when her parents pressed her into academic perfection. She basically just ducked her head and accepted it. I understand that`s how Auden was kind of raised- but you`d think that at least she would question it ONCE somehow?
Auden`s mother was pretty much a bitch and didn`t give a flying frick about her daughter. Auden`s friends were alright. Not the greatest, but they did only just start off a friendship somewhat near the middle.
The romance between Auden and Eli was nothing special. Seriously. I`ve seen a greater romance between my dog and his bone. Sure, there were some "Awwwh!" moments, but those were limited. And, since Dessen's books are typically/usually/generally revolved around the romance, this was a major letdown for me.
And, LOL, I just found the part between Auden and Jake (Is that his name? I can't even remember. He's that jocky, player guy who dated Maggie and I think had some relation to Eli) hilariously funny. I don't know why.

I said earlier, the same drilled-in plot just gets annoying. Kinda like Jodi Picoult`s storyline of the medical conditions within a family, the impact of it, and blah, blah blah.

I won`t be buying anymore of Sarah Dessen`s novels if this beaten-down storyline is going to continue in her work. I`m sad about this, because I enjoyed her novels because I used them as my summer pleasure read.
Overall rating? Two stars. And THAT`s being generous.
Hav a nice day! Thanks for reading my review :)
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message 1: by Nina (new) - rated it 1 star

Nina "The romance between Auden and Eli was nothing special. Seriously. I`ve seen a greater romance between my dog and his bone."

Haha! Good one. :)

Aimee Lol thanks! :) <3

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