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As Dead As It Gets by Katie Alender
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Jul 16, 2012

it was amazing
Read from July 29 to 30, 2012

WOW. This book was amazing. I'm both happy and sad about the ending, though. (view spoiler) This book had a very addictive hold on me all the way to the end. I finished it in a few hours. I love Alexis and Kasey and all of her friends.

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Reading Progress

07/30/2012 page 124
28.0% "I'm not sure it's actually Lydia that's causing the problems, despite what Alexis believes. If she's mad at Alexis, why would she go after other girls instead? And I'm not sure whether to trust Jared, or Megan's new 'club'. What if that club is another version of the 'Sunshine club'? And either Jared IS like Alexis and can sense ghosts, or he has some sort of evil agenda involving her."
07/30/2012 page 162
37.0% "This ghost or whatever it is definitely isn't Lydia. And it's seriously evil. Alexis needs to tell Agent Hasan or someone about it. This seems too big for her to handle alone."
07/30/2012 page 181
41.0% "Woah. Just woah. If not for Kasey, Alexis could have been the next missing girl. Disappeared in the middle of the night, only to be found dead somewhere a few days later... Wow. She really needs to get help."
07/30/2012 page 212
48.0% "Okay, yeah. I SO don't trust Jared. One, he seems like an obsessive (or possessive) boyfriend. And two, I think he did something to Alexis's wine. :/"
07/30/2012 page 215
49.0% "Holy SH**! This ghost freaks me out, and it's just a book. It's just a book... But she's so freaking creepy. Gah!"
07/30/2012 page 217
49.0% "Really, Alexis?! Really!?!? You're just NOW realizing this isn't a good ghost? Good god, I thought you were smart."
07/30/2012 page 224
51.0% "Dear God. This thing can move through PHOTOS. Have I mentioned just how much it creeps me out? The fact that it started to come through the computer screen at Alexis. Just no. Nonono."
07/30/2012 page 251
57.0% "Annnd Kasey nailed it right on the head. Jared seems controlling. Go Kasey. And as for the funeral home, I don't know if it's part of an evil plot or not. Maybe someone there is the reason behind the ghost and the deaths. More uh... Business?"
07/30/2012 page 253
57.0% "Looks like Lydia sees it too. Everyone except Alexis can see that Jared is off."
07/30/2012 page 275
62.0% "Good girl, Alexis. Finally. Jared doesn't seem very trustworthy to me. And the fact that he was calling her immature and trying to get her to forget what a freaking JERK he was being, and then trying to make her feel bad about herself. HUGE red flag. About time Alexis sees it. Hopefully this means she's left him for good. No getting back together."
07/30/2012 page 290
66.0% "Megan quit the brainwashing club -I mean Brighter Path-. Hurray. lol And I love Elliot. Girl is smart. Props to her for telling Alexis she should kick Jared to the curb."
07/30/2012 page 293
66.0% "And the plot thickens. Dun dun dun... The dress that extra-creepy ghost girl was wearing belonged to Jared's ex, Laina. Who died two years earlier in a 'hiking accident'. Who also had her funeral at the very funeral home Alexis suspects has something to do with it. Could Jared have killed her?"
07/30/2012 page 293
66.0% "Huh. So Jared loved his ex. Don't think he could have killed her. But was she a psycho? New theory: Girls that he doesn't like, either because they treated Alexis badly, or treated him badly (like Alexis's "making him angry") are targeted by the ghost because she doesn't like to see him angry?"
07/30/2012 page 319
72.0% "Nooooo!!! Why Elliot? Why?! :'( And "I'm doing this for you?" What the hell does that mean? Seriously? Not happy. Not freaking happy at all."
07/30/2012 page 337
76.0% ""Feels like being drunk."
"I don't know about that." Jean smirked as she helped me lie down. "I guess it depends on what you've been drinking."
"Maybe if you take your wine with a shot of tranqulizers."

I KNEW Jared did something to the wine. >.<"
07/30/2012 page 349
79.0% "Jared. I effing hate your guts. Just so you know. And so help me, if you did anything to Kasey, you will pay. Alexis will make sure of that. And all those girls that are already dead? Their deaths are on your hands. Alexis being in a mental facility because of you is just effing stupid. And you think she'll actually want to go back to you when she gets out? YOU should be the one in there. >.<"
07/30/2012 page 362
82.0% "Oh HELL NO. Jared, you've crossed the line. You and your little ghost girlfriend messing with Kasey is definitely in the 'You need to die now' category. I hope Alexis gets out and tears your smug little head off your body, you arrogant lunatic."
07/30/2012 page 390
88.0% "Really really hoping Kasey is okay. It'd break Alexis's heart -and mine- if something happened to her. And I'm really glad Carter & Megan are back to helping her. She's finally got her support system back."
07/30/2012 page 394
89.0% "I can see how you'd think Jared was Laina's power center, Alexis. But do you remember when he told you how she died? The medal she was holding onto as she died praying? I'm pretty sure THAT'S it."
07/30/2012 page 404
91.0% "Jared, you absolute ASSHOLE. You deserve whatever bad thing happens to you. I don't care if you're just "sad", you're batshit crazy. And you DO need to be put in the looney bin."

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