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Crimson Rising by Nick  James
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Jul 16, 12

Read in July, 2012

This is Book Two in a several book saga titled Skyship Academy, and I am here to tell you that I would have been well served to read Book One first!

(I know...duhhh!!)

This sci fi young adult saga takes place a hundred or so years into the future. At this time planet Earth has been devastated by war and the onset of global warming. Warring factions of the survivors have separated into three camps: those who live in Chosen Cities, which are domed and climate controlled; those Separatists who live in huge airships far above the Earth's surface; and third, those unfortunate folks who dwell in The Fringes, still on Earth, but in decaying cities in intense heat.

The author does make many references to events that occur in the first book, but trust me, all does not become clear as a result! Part of the reason is that so many layers of plot have been built in the previous book that re-telling that would have seemed like way too much redundancy to the better informed reader.

This is certainly not just a rehash of the first book, The Pearl Wars, and in fact author Nick James uses so many plot twists and turns that it takes real concentration to keep up, if like me, the reader has stepped in in the middle of the story. Jesse and Cassius meet in the first book and come to find out they share a common heritage and should be fighting on the same side. In Book Two, Crimson Rising, they are separated but still communicating. They have found out that their origin is on another planet in another solar system. Sent to Earth as children they have just learned what had been expected of them, and they are lagging far behind in building the army they are expected to have waiting when their parents and other allies arrive from the dying planet Haven. The green pearls that have been falling to earth and have been hoarded as powerful energy sources by both the domed cities and the skyships, are actually containers for individual travelers from their home planet. Jesse is gifted with the ability to open the pearls and set them free, but first he has to find them. The green pearls seem to gravitate toward him and he seems to have an ESP-type ability to communicate with the individuals inside. But now red pearls are appearing and Jesse is burned when he tries to touch one.


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