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Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
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Jul 16, 12

Oh sweet jesus. This book.. just..
I started reading it and just in the beginning I hated Kylie. She's really stupid. And I'm sorry, but who the hell calls their stalker 'Soldier Dude'? That makes it sound totally normal. It's not. o_O
Don't get me started on this little triangle of love, or so this chick wants. She breaks up with Trey because she isn't ready for sex, and he proceeds to pick up another girl to have sex with her. I'm sorry, I would not take that guy back. Moving on. Lucas is mysterious and hard, and she remembered him as a potential serial killer. So what does she do? Kiss him and fall for him. Sweet. Because you know, I'll fall in love with someone who I thought killed my cat.
And lastly, there's Derek. Kind, sweet, attractive, yet stupid (for liking her) Derek. He's falling for her hard. She's blind, doesn't realize it at first, and when she does she pushes him away, with the lame excuse of Trey. Well, she doesn't have any problem at all swapping spit with the kid who killed her cat!
And the fact that she's convinced she's human and how she denies everything bugs the hell outta me. You're there for a reason, Kylie. Your brain pattern is not human. You see ghosts. You were recommended to this place from your fairy counselor. You are not human, get over it.
.__. don't read this unless you enjoy a stupid girl as the protagonist and a stupid plot.
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