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Confessions of a Slacker Mom by Muffy Mead-Ferro
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Nov 05, 2008

did not like it

The title was catchy for me - "preaching to the choir" I thought. :) And some of it was, but the further I read, the more confused I became. Wouldn't you think this book would be about NOT instilling more guilt into mothers? Most parenting books are just people ranting about their opinions who somehow managed to get it all published. This book is no different.

First of all, what is so wrong about taking tons of pictures of your kids and scrapbooking them? The author thinks this gives kids an overinflated ego and depreciates true greatness when it happens. I understand, as a slacker mom, that scrapbooking is a time-drainer and isn't necessary, but is it wrong?

Also, toward the end of the book, after she makes her spiel, she reveals that she's a working mom who spends much of her time traveling on airplanes. So a nanny takes care of her kids a lot. Now, in my opinion, you cannot claim the title "slacker mom" when you aren't even around! She's a slacker mom because she has no time left! Not only this, she glories in it. She says it's better for her kids to have a working mom because they see how hard working and successful she is. I do think that working moms can set a good example, but not when it's at their expense. And certainly, it's not better for them!

Sorry this is so long.
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message 1: by Cgood (new)

Cgood Tara- I'm with you! My perspective is that parenting is at most 15-20% of ones life as a full time job depending on number of kids. And by investing in them, someday I will hopefully see them be happy and successful human beings. Knowing they have people that are there for them, and knowing that they believe in them selves and are capable. They need parents or people to Advocate for them and know they are part of a team. All the while knowing they can survive on theor own when they need or want to. Ugh I'm a bit insulted that someone would suggest this book to me...

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