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Four Corners by Kate McMurray
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Sep 11, 2014

it was ok
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Read on August 09, 2012

2.5 stars
On the surface, this story has my favorite elements that excite me: (1) best friends turn lovers and (2) reunion of the one that got away. Unfortunately, the story doesn't really work. There are several things that I love and there are that I don't. I will try to be fair and mention them all.

So, on the plus side, I really like the secondary characters, namely Jake's two other best friends. Kyle the oversexual bi-sexual with an adorable daughter a result of one night of passion and Brendan, the only straight guy in the gang who has been with one female who ends up being his wife. As a supporting characters, they feel very rounded and provide the dynamic in Jake's life.

On the negative side ... I find the hot and cold attitude between Jake and Adam to be REALLY uncomfortable situation to read. While I can understand the reasons between each man's reaction, I can't help wanting to knock sense out of these guys. I start the story with feeling sympathy to Jake and being angry to Adam (and I wish that Jake doesn't easily let Adam back into his life, I want to see Adam grovel first).

Then, as the story goes along, and Ms. McMurray uncovers the reason why Adam went away five years ago, I become annoyed with Jake's ignorance over Adam's psychological issue of being gay (yes, I believe it's psychological, Adam doesn't feel that comfortable being gay and he doesn't need a pushy lover like Jake to push him out of the closet) and instead I feel sympathetic for Adam. My emotion is going high and low in this ... and unfortunately, not really in a good way.

I can't help comparing the couple with my ultimate on-and-off M/M couple of all time, Adrien and Jake (from Josh Lanyon's "Adrien English"). You see, while Jake hurts Adrien in process, and Jake also not comfortable being out, I think Jake is the perfect person for Adrien and I want them to be together forever. Here, I wonder if Jake and Adam really right for each other. I think all Jake has for Adam is a crush, and I wish Jake can move on to someone else who is more suitable for him. On top of that, Jake's indecisiveness over Adam hurts this one other guy, and I have never been in favor of that.

I also don't know if Adam really loves Jake. Adam surely acts cold most of the time, and I can't believe in his genuine feeling for Jake. All the time Adam tried to get involved in a gay relationship before Jake, he happened to pick the wrong men. So is Jake the right guy for him? My heart says no.

So weighing how I feel about this book by the time I finish it, and considering the uncomfortable situation I experience (I cringe every single time Jake pushes Adam to do something to prove that Adam is okay being gay), unfortunately, I can't give it a higher rating. That will mean I like this book.

While there are elements I love, I can't say that I like it. I like conflict and complication, but in this case, I don't like the feeling evokes within me when I finish. I know there are others who will love this. Plus the ability for Ms. McMurray to stir the drama should be an evidence that she writes really well. I'm just not a happy reader with this one ...
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message 1: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Waiting for your review:)

message 2: by Val (new) - added it

Val Kovalin Ami, you and I are practically doing a group-read of this. :D I know you read faster than I do, so I'll look for your review.

message 3: by Ami (last edited Aug 08, 2012 05:28PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami @Elaine : Sure thing
@Val : Yay, group read *high five*. While I am a fast reader, but I also read this with 2 other books, so let's see how it goes.

message 4: by Val (new) - added it

Val Kovalin *high five*, yes, that sounds good. :D

message 5: by Edina (new) - added it

Edina Rose I'm currently re-reading Adrien English series, and it is also the ultimate on-off lovers mm romance for me. They are really perfect for each other. I forgot how much I liked the mutual respect they have for each other, or how subtly the deep love they have for each other is shown. Instead of forcefully telling the reader that they is no other for J or A, the author makes the reader come to this conclusion itself. I'm on Book 3 ( The hell you say), and I'm preparing myself for the "Karen" heartbreak J will inflict on A.

message 6: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami When it comes to MM on-and-off love affair, nothing beats Adrien and Jake for me. Like you said, Josh Lanyon lets us decide, lets us see that after everything has been said and done, Jake and Adrien is perfect for each other. Even if Jake hurts Adrien, nobody accepts Adrien like Jake does, while at the same time, pushes Adrien to be better. I just love them to bits

message 7: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Ami wrote: "When it comes to MM on-and-off love affair, nothing beats Adrien and Jake for me. Like you said, Josh Lanyon lets us decide, lets us see that after everything has been said and done, Jake and Adrie..."

Thanks for the review, Ami. Not the type of book for me.

I couldn't reread the Adrien English series. Even though I liked it when I was reading them, I'd get too upset with Jake all over again and can't put myself through that a second time.

message 8: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami People either love or hate Jake :-). I love him, by the way. Even when I want to serve his head on a platter after the infamous "Karen" break-up. Of course, I only reread book #4 and #5 since they are the 'happy' ones.

message 9: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami Karen = Jake's wife :-)

message 10: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami Is she? Darn my memory. Okay, I meant KATE! :-)

Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Excellent review! I'm feeling a bit the same way.

message 12: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami Thank you, Heather

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