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Open Season by Linda Howard
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Nov 05, 2008

really liked it
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Read in November, 2008

Narrator: Deborah Hazlett

This was a DNF in audio:(
The narrator was okay (my first audiobook with her narrating) but, to my utter surprise, I found the story way too 'chicklitty', something that I didn't feel despite when I read the paperback - twice (see my review below) and giving it 4 stars both times.

What made it a DNF? The part covering Daisy's makeover. It's a pet dislike, together with wedding preparations and weddings. I found it a yawn and it went on forever. Romance lovers who like all the girly stuff won't mind. I do all the girly things myself, like painting my toenails, going to the hair salon, etc, but they are things I have to do, like taking a dump. I'm sure the story picks up once Daisy has been made over but having already read the book twice, not that I remember the details, I had no inclination to wait for the good parts to come on.

I ran off to listen to an MM.

Nov 2008 REVIEW:
Still a four-star read the second time around! I loved Chief Russo more this time, in fact. The only thing I did not like and think it's the oddest addition to a book's ending is Sykes looking up Mrs Nolan. I see that I'd commented on that in my 2004 review below but this time, I'll say it felt even creepier. Even though Sykes rolled over and made a deal with the DA, he is still involved in the trafficking of young girls. He's the last thing Mrs Nolan needs in her sad, abused life. There was that sweet epilogue (not necessary, IMO) so why LH tagged that strange bit with Sykes beats me.

2004 REVIEW (4 stars):
I enjoyed this book! As good as Mr Perfect and in the same mould. The heroine, Daisy, is the most sensible yet unboring heroine I've read about in a LONG time. LH does not over do the description of Daisy to make up for her boring life. What we know is that Daisy is pretty but has never realised it nor known how to make the most of her assets. These assets, however, are a pair C-cup breasts and LH does a great job of not overplaying them till that's all Daisy is. I've read some authors who assign so many gifts and talents to their heroines - in addition to killer bods - that it is impossible to believe they still have no life to speak of and are practically virgins. Thankfully, this is not the case with Open Season and Daisy is smart and knowledgeable but clueless to the arts of seduction and dressing up.

Russo, the Chief of Police and the hero, is a darling. Again, not much is said about his past or even his looks so I could say there isn't much character development in OP. I didn't mind, though, because it is such a fast, easy read with NO tstl moments. That alone makes it a winner for me.

I could have done without the bit about Sykes', one of the villain's romance with a woman I consider to be in a very vulnerable state.

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Auntee I remember this one--it was one of my favs by LH!:)

Eastofoz This is my favourite Howard book! It was sooooooooooo funny!

Tammy Great review! I loved this one too. =)

ElaineY I'm re-reading this. Curious to know if I'll like it just as much and will post my thoughts when I'm done.

Pamela(AllHoney) One of my faves by her. One I know I'd reread again and again :)

Julie (jjmachshev) I'm with you on this one Elaine. I always wondered if Howard had planned to write a book with Sykes or Mrs. Nolan and that's why the 'epilogue'. But nothing so I'm likely wrong. It just seemed so weird.
But yeah, this is one of my favorite Howard books.

Tammy I forgot about that epilogue JJ! After I finished the book, I remember asking someone here on GR if there was a book about Sykes and/or Mrs. Nolan. It didn't make sense. I don't recall any strange epilogues in Mr. Perfect or Howard's other books. Maybe she intended to write Sykes story but hasn't gotten around to it?

Julie (jjmachshev) See...that's exactly what I thought. It was just so very strange...

Stamatia Jj, I think it's the author's way of keeping readers on their toes. That WTF? moment shakes you out of your happy ending compacency. Or maybe she did have something in mind for a next book but it hasn't panned out so far?

ElaineY I'm not sad there isn't a book on Sykes. That is not at all a sexy name for a hero and there wasn't anything about him in the book that attracted me.

LH has done this before, though - making you wonder if she's going to write a romance for one of the villains. Remember All the Queen's Men? The villain, Ronsard? I so wanted him redeemed and romanced in his own book but nada.

message 11: by Pat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pat I had that same thought, the WTF? Sykes? There is nothing romantic about him at all! I don't get that. He's sickening, nothing more. There is no way I'd read a book about him, I can tell you that!

Adrianamae, Marco's fan Sykes? I've heard about redeeming anti-heroes, but Psychopaths?

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