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Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis
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Aug 29, 2012

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Read from July 16 to 18, 2012

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I'll be honest—I had problems with Prince of Wolves. The writing was a bit awkward to read, and rather than feeling like I was in a story, it was more like I was being told that I was reading a story (does that even make sense?). I felt like the word choices didn't match the story being told, or the characters in it, and this bothered me, made the novel difficult to enjoy.

However, despite these flaws, I still found myself flipping the pages, curious to see how things turned out. I didn't mind the basic storyline, and even found it a bit unique (personally, I've yet to read a shapeshifter book for YA were the mated-pair theme comes into play so strongly). But the writing did stand in the way a bit, keeping me from loving this book.

Jacque's character didn't seem very solid to me; one moment she would say something this way, and the next she'd say it in a completely different way. The slang, the cliches and just odd words just didn't fit her, or her friends. At least in my opinion! Fane was okay, but again, not great as a character—I felt like I was missing something from him, too.

Now Jacque's two best friends didn't exactly steal the show, either. Jen has a wicked (literally--dirty) sense of humor, but most of the time I felt her jokes and wit were buried under all the writing issues. I wanted to like her, and the things she said, but more often than not she was just in the background, barely there. Sally...well, I can't really tell you much about Sally. For whatever reason, nothing comes to mind—so either she wasn't properly “explained” or the description didn't stick.

3 STARS! Still, when I finished Prince of Wolves, I found myself wanting to pick up Blood Rites, to see what happens next. In spite of the issues I may have with this one, I think this series is going to become a bit of a guilty pleasure. Books that I can't help but wanting to finish, even if they might not be 5 star candidates. And that's okay with me because 3 stars isn't anything to be upset about in my opinion, and the fact that I do wish to read the rest of the series eventually is a pretty good sign!

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45.0% "It's...a bit slow going. The story is okay, but the writing feels forced, and repeats abound. I feel like I'm being told, over and over again, what's going on and being said rather than being SHOWN. *SIGH"
100.0% "I'll be honest-- I had issues with the way it was written (from word choice to characters and beyond), BUT I liked the story and even though I wasn't hopelessly in love with the book, I still had to start book 2 to see what went on next. I think this is a guilty pleasure read for me--I can't believe I'm kind of liking it, but realize how many things about it that annoy me to no end. Ever felt that way?"

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