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Ripper by Stefan Petrucha
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Jul 16, 2012

it was amazing

When Carver Young is told that the orphanage he was raised in was being sold, and that he and two other older teen orphans were unable to stay, their destinies soon change dramatically. At times for the better, other times for the worst. Delia and Finn are adopted by two of New York's finest families, parents of wealth and high social standing. Carver however is taken under wing by a mysterious gentleman named Albert Hawking whose claim to fame is that he is one of the finest Pinkerton Detectives. Growing up enthralled with the dime-store novels of Sherlock Holmes, Carver has always dreamed of being a sleuth himself. Being adopted by an elderly and prestigious Pinkerton agent seemed all that he could hope for until he arrives at an insane asylum instead of what he expected would be the office of a Private Eye!

The world of criminology is thrust upon 14 year old Carver instantly as his new mentor forces the young man to use his wits and detective skills to assist with New York's worst nightmare. Women of the elite social circles are being brutally murdered leaving Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt baffled and stumped as to who this mass murderer could be and just how to catch him. Alternating between the office in the madhouse and in a secret New Pinkerton agency hidden underground, Carver's world gets turned upside down as clue after clue lead him to believe that the slasher is none other than Jack the Ripper, and that he is Saucy Jack's son!

Ripper is an extremely executed teen mystery novel that is fun, exciting, mysterious, and scary. This reader could not put this ingenious tale down and cannot wait for the sequel being penned by the author now. With the Victorian atmosphere of turn-of-the-century New York, funky steampunk-like mechanical gadgets, intriguing good guys and bad guys, true-to-life history, and characters with charisma and charm, readers will digest this novel in one or two sittings. You will cheer Carver and company on as they prowl the streets of New York diving into danger and intrigue every step of the way throwing lots of chills and thrills upon the pages you will find turn rapidly. The added feature of Teddy Roosevelt was an awesome ingredient, returning to the legend of Jack the Ripper was cool, and having the author create a brand new young detective character one can look forward to reading more about, makes this story a five star winner!

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