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Mutineer by Mike Shepherd
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Nov 10, 08

bookshelves: science-fiction
Read in November, 2008

I found a lot to like in this book, but unfortunately a lot that jarred me out of my enjoyment. Perhaps this is Shepherd's first book; that would explain the imperfections of his writing. A decent effort but no masterwork. I'm becoming more of a snob as I get older, and even in escapist genre fiction I want some competent writing with events well thought out. This book did not always succeed on that level. The reactions of characters did not always jibe; some elements did not seem like their ramifications had been considered. I think it would have benefitted greatly from another round of strict editing.

A few examples: Kris sits down for a drink of scotch with her commanding officer. He fills two tumblers to the rim(!). She downs it all, and is then able to walk around for an hour and wake up the next morning thinking how great it was to stay sober.

She leads a group of green recruits into a potentially dangerous situation which results in a firefight; however, she doesn't find out how much experience the troops have prior to shooting their weapons, AND she doesn't even know any of their names. I found it hard to believe that a young officer of her caliber would lead troops without that kind of information.

The plotting of the book as a whole was quite good, but a lot of the smaller details seemed not well-thought out. Also Kris seemed to be superhumanly capable while everyone around her was a loser.

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