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By His Rules by J.A. Rock
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t took being completely dominated to break Aiden and it will take domination to put the pieces back together.

Aiden’s lover, Scott, is a real masochist who does everything and anything to break Aiden’s spirit. There were parts at the beginning of the story that showed this relationship and I found it bit hard to read. The author shows how Aiden went from a beautiful butterfly to one with his wings slowly torn away. While I understand why they did this, I almost wish some of it had been toned down a bit in the story. It was difficult for me to read because of the graphic violence and demoralization of Aiden. This story is definitely not for the faint of heart; there's some extreme violence, and forced sexual scenes that may leave some a little queasy.

While Aiden and Scott’s relationship is a good representation of everything wrong that can happen, Keaton and Aiden’s relationship definitely shows all that can be good in caring for another person. Keaton is willing to do anything to see Aiden whole again. Whether it be a friend, lover, or strong hand, he's willing to be whoever Aiden needs. I have to say, I really loved Keaton’s character because he had a strong sense of who he was and what he wanted out of life. This allowed him to help Aiden realize what he also wanted from the world, even if it did not include Keaton.

The BDSM element in this story is one I was not used to with the two main characters. It was unique. After reading so many stories with a BDSM element I was impressed to actually find something new. It was refreshing and made me have a better appreciation for the author. I felt like they really understood what a true Dom/sub relationship is about. It was portrayed perfectly between Aiden and Keaton. Keaton was not what I would consider a traditional Dom by means, but I could see how his style of dominance could really work, and it made me rethink my whole idea of what a Dom should be.

In the end, I was happy that I read this story, because I had a chance to see terrific personal and romantic development as well as a different spin on the traditional BSDM story.

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