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Schooled by Gordon Korman
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Jul 15, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: middle-school-level

Again, the typical theme of new boy in school, gets picked on, in the end everyone likes him. But, I loved this book and Capricorn Anderson, the hippie boy! I also like how the book is written with different characters and their viewpoint for each chapter. Schooled is about a boy who lives with his Grandmother, Rain, on a hippie commune, making their own clothes, growing their own food and has been home-schooled his whole life. He doesn't watch t.v. or do any of the things regular kids do. When Rain falls and breaks a hip, he has to go into foster care until she is able to take care of him again. I don't think too many kids will relate to Cap other than a kid being picked on, because he is not a typical kid. He doesn't get angry or fight back and when he gets punched in the nose and knocked out, he just talks about peace and nonviolence. But, I think more kids will relate to the other characters: Zack Powers-big man on campus, most popular boy whom all the girls have a crush on. Hugh Winkleman-the nerdy kid who would have been picked on if Cap hadn't come to school. Or Naomi Erlanger and Lena Young - the popular girls that think the world revolves around Zach and do mean things to Cap to get Zach's attention. Or Sophie Donnelly- the older (9th grade) girl who Cap is living with temporarily, and the object of Cap's crush, who thinks he is a freak. Gordon Korman writes a good story how Cap stays true to himself and doesn't try to change or want to change himself to fit in this strange society he is suddenly thrust in to, but rather society changes to be more like Cap. The characters around him learn to tolerate Cap and his funky ways and begin to emulate him. End the end, even his Grandmother, Rain, sees that she has been wrong in keeping Cap isolated on the commune and changes her view about Cap as well. I highly recommend this book!!

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