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MacRieve by Kresley Cole
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Jul 16, 13

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No... seriously....

Zo-MAH- GAH!!!

I just finished MacRieve and my head is about to EXPLODE!! Why the hello kitty jingle bells did (blessed be) Kresley end it like that?!! Is she trying to make me go mad?!!!

Sooo.... did I like it?

Welps, the beginning was freaking fairy tastic AWESOME!! I couldn't put it down!! The story of Uilleam's youth was just so spell-binding. It captured my imagination and made me want to read more and more. The devotion of his parents, the evilness that was a succubus, and the heart-wrecnchingness of what had to happen. It was just brilliant!!

And then, we meet Will's (Uilleam is Scottish for Will) mate and well, she's ok. Not a big fan of soccer or trash talking but I really dug that she was an Olympic hopeful. I thought that was really interesting. And the fact that this is taking place just a month or two after Will escapes is also another thing. I dug that. But when you realize who Chloe's dad is... that's what's going to get ya. She becomes much more interesting after that.

Nix and Bertle are in this book too. Actually twice. OMG! Bertle at the end had me laughing my head off!

And wow... from what I read about Nix's 'potential mate' in one of my friend's reviews... Please don't let that happen!!!

The bits that turned me off was how GRAPHIC the sex scenes were in this book. I don't think (blessed be) Kresley has ever written about jizzing all over somebody's boobies. I was just a little squeamed out... but that's me.

But after you get to the last 30 percent... HOLD THE FREAK ON!! You won't want to put the book down again!! It will make your heart melt!! IT made me melt!!

And as for the over? I see no problem with it. Everyone I've talked to HATES what Uilleam looks like. I mean... Chainmail (which I think is what Will is wearing) is freaking hot!! Plus he has his torque on from when he fled the Order. He can't look like the cover model he totes is right after he just got vivisected a couple times.

Oh... and the beard? RAWR!! Cuz I love a man with some wild stubble!! This is what makes me think my hubz could be part Lykae. RAWR!!

As for the cliffy.... IT WAS FREAKING EVIL!!! After I read it I screamed and immediately called my friend who didn't answer the phone and made me scream more!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! But you know... she's probably eating supper and hasn't read the book yet so I gotta keep quiet but still... Not cool (blessed be) Kresley!!

Seriously, man... I thought this was going to wind up being a 3 star book. The attraction was a little too instant for me but as you read on you find out why. Plus the OMG shocker raises the star-age and that damn epi.... Found out... THIS IS A 5 STAR BOOK!!

I will be reading this again!!

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Thanks for the info Greta. Maybe she will make more audio books before and we can relisten to the all books to get ready :)

You will tell me if she releases any new audio books, right?

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Sunny How is this going...

Greta is Erikasbuddy It's not too bad. Could be better in my opinion. I mean... sorta insta-love but I guess that's what the Instinct does. But you know.. one can only have one Bowen and Lachlain ;)

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