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The Wonder Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
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Silverstein. . .Prelutsky. . .Amy Krouse Rosenthal. . .or switch it/reverse it. Do it backwards. Weave in and out of each. But don't you dare miss THE WONDER BOOK for what it has to offer to children's poetry.

Whimsical and playful, THE WONDER BOOK is what children's poetry has looked like traditionally, and what it looks like today. Paul Schmid's black and white illustrations make this book look most familiar and most unique at the same time as he would have had to have illustrations the wonder of Amy's thinking to create pairs of fruit on a double date or things that don't grow on trees (for the purposes of clarification).

Delightful pull-out poems within that would make wonderful classroom posters encouraging the sharing of poetry each day of the school year. I'm of the belief that word play and silly verse are keys to unlocking further creativity and for these keys, THE WONDER BOOK stands by as a mentor text.

A parody of "This Little Piggy" invites parody. And what kid doesn't like to engage in a little parody?

"The Less Famous Friends of Mary Mack" might invite lead learners to share this classic jumping rhyme/chant while exploring "What if/What of" types of writing invitations that draw younger readers closer to the text to ask these kinds of questions.

What Amy does best in this--and all of her works--is tuck a little universal truth in the smallest of places like a little love note for the heart.

The final poem in THE WONDER BOOK, "Rhyming Summary of the Universe," makes such a strong connection with TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, that we'll have to have a copy of THE WONDER BOOK in Room 407.

Oh, and for those who "periodically" need reminders about "table manners," I'll definitely be sharing this with Mr. Emery, the AP CHEM instructor (and not because he needs such reminders).

And. . .you'll note that I had to break my own moratorium on awarding stars on the reviews to make sure that this one was on your reading radar for sure. I'd give it six if the universe would allow.

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