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Redhead by Ian  Cook
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Jul 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2012

Blazing red...

This fictional novel was something that stood out a mile with not only its somewhat cliché title and striking cover, but also with the most inspired and creative storyline that captured my imagination. Just as redheads attract attention for being distinctively unique so too does this book, being a character-driven tale that is highly memorable. All the characters that the story focuses on have red hair, which is ironic as it leads to something much deeper regarding those individuals who are this particular coloring and how they are deeply connected. Journalist Rebecca is a fiery, sprightly and determined individual whom I was able to relate to and empathize with easily, as you are taken along her journey of discovery and into the unknown. Traveling across the world from the stifling heat in Africa to wet, damp Scotland along with the character one is drawn into past history and an old feud which is much more serious than initially meets the eye. This gripping tale is both captivating and interesting, with a most original and inventive storyline that I found most intriguing. Being fast-paced and full of action and drama from page one, I was swept along the most exciting rollercoaster of a ride into a dense plot that was thrilling. A lot of the settings within the story were real places and the use of this made it even more believable, hence I could clearly picture in my mind the surroundings and the atmosphere of each different environment.

I fell in love with each individual character and their stories, thus I felt a more intimate and personal connection to this unfolding story being more than just a fictitious read but rather something much more authentic. The ending was absolutely perfect which left a beautiful and colorful picture in your mind, making it a memorable end to a remarkable voyage. I have high praise for Ian Cook who has created something highly distinctive that cannot be compared to another work of fiction, which has the most absorbing storyline that is very readable. I loved how his characters connected; making a timeline that was a labyrinth of individuals who were entwined within a vast web built from the past. It’s a mixture of the foreign mafia with your family tree at the centre, and one which really highlights genetics but also those whom we love and our relationships with others. This is a novel that you will become lost within and which I highly recommend as a great summer read for this year, being ultimately new and a stand alone piece of work to treasure. I loved the authors enthralling plot and how easy it was for me and quickly to become lost within this saga, of much depth and interest that reminded me of an ongoing ‘Forsyth Saga’ but on an entirely deeper and spine chilling scale with the added danger. This modern read stands proudly on the top of the shelf, as just a great book by an accomplished and outstanding author. A first-reads giveaway from ‘Goodreads’ that I have been extremely privileged to have read.
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