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Nightmare by Chelsea M. Cameron
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Aug 13, 12

Read from July 15 to August 13, 2012

First Thoughts:
Well after reading the first book in this series I was super excited to read this one! The first one literally had me in tears and I wanted to see if that theme would continue or if we would get to learn more about Peter and the other Noctalis.
The Main Character:
Ava-Claire Sullivan… in this book I kind of had a love/hate thing going… she is still pretty awesome with dealing with everything, and that scene with her and Jamie was super sweet and totally describes what friends are for… but her whole killing mind flashes were uncool and I really want to understand why she keeps having them… and even though I know its because of the claiming, she is super clingy which is something else I don’t like at least towards the end she tries to be stronger and deal with everything on her own as much as she can.
Love is in the Air:
Peter… ok he is definitely turning into a favorite character of mine. He is slowly becoming more human and less weird… he also talks so much in this book which was also pretty cool because I really want to learn more about him. I also loves how even though he cant love Ava without turning into a pile of ash… he has found a way around that because he obviously loves her or he woldnt care if she died!
*sigh* cliffhanger! Of course! I really should stop expecting books to not have a cliffhanger!
This one was so sad though! Even though I have never been an Ivan fan what he did for Ava and Peter was so amazing and sweet and it was basically like a forgiveness type thing as well for Peter (in my opinion anyways) so overall it was a very good ending and totally left me wanting to find out what happens even if I have plenty of ideas about the outcome Peters actions.
Final Thoughts:
Although this book didn’t tug at my heartstrings and have me crying (ok maybe I wanted to cry over the whole Ivan thing) this book was fantastic. It focused a lot more on Peter this time, so although yes I feel bad for Ava because her mother is dying… we got to see Peters take on a lot of other different issues that I feel was just glossed over in the first book. With the way this book ended I will be waiting impatenitly for the next book (as I always wait for the next book in a great series) I also hope that in the next book we get to see and learn a bit more about Viktor, he is so seldom in the story so far but everytime he is mentioned I always want to learn just a little bit more!

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