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Clarity by Kim Harrington
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Jul 14, 12

I picked out this book out of whim. There was this sudden sickness of reading more and more heavy mythological-vampirical-mythical-fictional world authors create in YA these days.I admit, sometimes reading a fictional world as light (and simple) as Twilight is entertaining. And Clarity is a fun read.

I finished this book in one sitting; partly because I have nothing to do and partly because it's entertaining. Half fiction, half detective-mystery, it's a pretty book that got its place in my no-need-to-think-while-you-read shelf. Like movies, sometimes you just want to see something that isn't as heavy as Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code in your head. Clarity is perfect for that.

Now I'm not going to tell you what this book is about--plenty of the plot lines are already covered in reviews below. And I'm not going to protest anything about the whole why-does-police-got-help-from-physics. It's FICTION people, and Ms. Harrington got the right to make every characters in the book believable. Seriously, if you kept thinking the whole oddity of why the Mayor and Clare's friends wanted her to solve the murder, you won't enjoy the book! It's the same case with historical novels. ALL HISTORICAL NOVELS has FLAWS. Things that shouldn't be there are there, Stuff that wasn't supposed to be invented yet was there. Always does. And if I gave all historical/ detective novels a bad review just because things aren't really that accurate or because the author has lack of research.... Urgh. And trust me, there are people out there who trust physics. Even policemen out there somewhere in the world.

My point is--just keep that whole side of oddness away from your head--and if you do, you'll find it a pretty intriguing detective book. That's all I have to say.

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