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Deakeny's Bride by Darla Phelps
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Margot has been promised to a to-be Baron since the age of seven. When she reaches her 18th birthday she must go to her husband lair. Thinking she will be Mistress of the house, she's about to find out she'll have zero to none say in her life from now on. The Baron DeAkeny takes her as his little girl, and will treat her as such, which includes her own colorful nursery with a full of stuffed animals crib.

Mistakes will not be tolerated, and if persisted, punished.

My Thoughts:

The main thing here was the age play, although it jumps from her being a little girl to a grown up. There wasn't much focus on her being treated as a child, aside the nursery room. I also think it's funny that the Baron doesn't strike me as a main character. There's also the spankings... sigh... Margot spends a good deal of this book being: *spanked, *caned, *trashed, *lashed. There was a part when she did something wrong and I thought, Wasn't enough on the last time, like five minutes ago?

I'd have liked if there were sex that wasn't only hinted at, and less punishments. It gets boring after a while. I'd have liked to know why Celia was such a bitch. I wish I could spank her! (Lol)

I think Phelps did a great job describing the time this book was set and pulling us in it. I'm looking forward to read more of her works.
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