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The Taken by Vicki Pettersson
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Jul 14, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2012

** spoiler alert ** More 4 stars than 3 (3.75)

Okay, I choose to read this really for two reason. 20% that it had an intro price of just $3 so I figured is was worth a go and 80% for the cover art (and 99% of that is because I totally covet that dress). Well it looks like the price has now gone up but I'm still enamored as ever with the cover- I almost want to buy a real copy (as opposed to the e-reader) just to put that cover on by bookshelf - maybe obsessing over the pretty dress too much? Anyway I tried not to let the pretty dress influence my take on the story an inordinate amount.

According to the author's site this is planned to be a trilogy. Sometimes that feels like a good thing- sad to end a series so soon if you like the characters but better going out on the high note than taking the series too long and turning out some duds. So it will be interesting how the next book is shaped to tie it all up by the third.

It took me a little bit to get into this at first. There was lots of stuff going on and lots of setting up of "billy" lifestyle. I was a little put off by the feeling that the Kit character in her free time was probably writing treatises on what it means to be rockabilly or something. There was also a lot of philosophical angel posturing used setting up the Grif character. So the book started off a little slow and a little snooty. Not to say the characters were not likable, just that the emotional baggage they carry and the whys for the way they are who they are was not set up seamlessly but with a bit of a heavy hand by the author.

Once the two main characters started interacting it got much, much better. They had great chemistry and there were some funny and/or witty exchanges between them right up until the last sentence in the book. The story was able to take on the voice of gumshoe detectives and gangster era Vegas with a legitamate reason why each character would buy into it. There were some turns that I didn't necessarily see coming but nothing that came too far out of left field in an attempt to be unpredictable. However there also were some other small details, like how the bad guys got around Kit's alarm system and why in this day and age with a smart phone in hand the intrepid girl reporter couldn't Google search Grif until days (maybe a week?) after he broke into her life, that did detract from the overall storytelling just a bit. Still it was not distracting enough that I did not buy into the story on the larger level. The descriptions of the vintage and modern day Vegas felt authentic enough (as authentic as anything in a pseudo reality place like Vegas can be anyway).

So overall one fairly well crafted mystery brought to a conclusion, another larger mystery that will probably span the trilogy introduced with little nuggets of clues provided to get the reader thinking, a solid romance (but conflict is most likely coming in book two as said larger mystery begins to unfold more), lots of lush imagery, and a fun retro detective novel vibe to tie it all up in a nice neon light bow.

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