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Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon
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Jul 15, 2012

it was ok

Why is it so hard to find a good book nowadays? I saw this book sitting on display thought it was going to be great. A day later I'm sitting on my bed disappointed. After reading the first couple chapters I found myself slightly annoyed. Renée keeps saying she misses her parents throughout the book, but there is no evidence of a relationship with her parents because the book starts off with them dying. Perhaps Woon was relying on the reader putting themselves in Renée's shoes and figured there was no need to show that Renée actually had a connection with her parents before they died. After Renée finds her parents dead she starts to go through what she misses about her parents and things like that, but I can't help but feel that she only started caring about them after they died.

After the funeral she is shipped off to the Gottfried Academy in Maine and meets Dante Berlin. When the first met I thought their romance was going to be real, not fluffy and superficial. Of course I was wrong. Unfortunately, this is where this book starts morphing into Twilight. Renée becomes the new Bella Swan who obsesses about her boyfriend's appearances. She's constantly talking about Dante's body and is staring at him every chance she gets. Not once do I remember her saying anything about his personality. She annoyed me more than a good main character should. It took her forever to figure things out even though the answers were so obvious, she says things like, " I'd rather die than be without you.", she runs away from her problems instead of addressing them, and she pulls one of those stupid moves where the heroine throws herself into danger after being told to stay put. I would think that if a guy you were romantically involved with who had supernatural powers told you to stay put because there was a dangerous situation you would sit your little ass down and not cause any problems because that's what always ends up happening. You run outside and try to act like a bad ass, completely forgetting that your enemy is matched for someone like your supernatural boyfriend, and next thing you know you've made the situation worse because now your protector has to worry about you as well as himself. Renée was just... not my kind of heroine.

Dante was a character I happened to like. Although he was a bit of a jerk in the beginning of the book I felt his anger towards Renée was kind of justified. Woon obviously took the science class scene from Twilight. It was ridiculous how close the scenes were. Dante's an ass for the first few days and then there's a sudden change in him and he actually starts talking to her. Very creative Woon, really.

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