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Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
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Jul 14, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012-books, shorts
Read from July 14 to December 29, 2012

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Reading Progress

07/14/2012 "Realised there was an American Gods novella in here, so decided to read that (as I just finished American Gods) and then go back to my other readings."
16.0% "I finished 'Monarch of the Glen' last night. I think I was a bit too tired for it though and didn't totally take it in. Silly. Will go back to the start and read the rest when I've finished 'Stories'."
30.0% "Read 'A Study in Emerald' and 'Fairy Reel' on 02/11/12. I'll have to read 'A Study in Emerald' again some time. Don't know why I haven't read it before now, it's amazing. I've never read any Holmes, or Lovecraft, so I might read those before I revisit this. 'Fairy Reel' was totally forgettable, sorry (was that even the title?)."
36.0% "Read 'October in the Chair' on 03/11, liked it. Read 'The Hidden Chamber' on 04/11 - bit odd!"
41.0% "Read 'Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire' last night. Really liked."
41.0% "Read 'Going Wodwo'. A little poem that I predict is not going to stick with me."
50.0% "Read 'Bitter Grounds' and 'Other People' last night. Bitter Grounds was good to start off, and then kind of lost me by the end. Other People was great.

Inbetween, because I'm reading the introductory segments before each story, I also ending up reading 'The Mapmaker'. I was very confused about it's inclusion in that place in the introduction though. Very odd."
55.0% "Just finished Keepsakes and Treasures. Liked. Now to sleep."
57.0% "Read 'Good Boys Deserve Favours'. Liked. Never sure how true these 'true stories' are!"
59.0% "Read 'Strange Little Girls' last night. You really have to know the music for this collection of shorts."
63.0% "Read 'Harlequin Valentine' and 'Locks' last night. HV v. good. Must read comic adaptation now!"
67.0% "Read 'The Problem of Susan' and 'Instructions' last night. TPoS was interesting, the introduction for it was helpful. I love the Instructions.
Read 'My Life' today while waiting for a train. again, improved by the introduction - and, I suspect, would be further improved next to the picture of the sock monkey!"
71.0% "Read 'Feeders and Eaters'. Disturbing."
82.0% "Last night I read 'Diseasemakers' Croup' (did not get on with this one at all), 'Goliath' (really liked this), 'Pages from Journal...&c' (probably enjoyed this more than someone who doesn't know the music would), 'How to Talk to Girls are Parties' (excellent), and 'The Day the Saucers Came' (already knew this one, but still love it).

Only 2 stories left now! Hope to finish tonight."
99.0% "Read 'Sunbird' (loved it, for all that it was predictable) and 'Inventing Aladdin' (remarkably timely - I've just seen Aladdin (the panto) and am seeing Aladdin (the ballet) in Feb), liked it.

And so, having read 'Monarch of the Glen' first (if you remember), I'm done!"

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